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OneDrive for Business file operations report

A bird's eye view of user activity

OneDrive for Business file operations report

Get a comprehensive overview of all user activity on files in your OneDrive for Business environment with M365 Manager Plus' preconfigured file operations report. This exclusive report records critical changes to confidential files and folders in your OneDrive for Business environment, including information on files deleted, moved, copied, renamed, and restored to help you mitigate internal security breaches.

With M365 Manager Plus, the complete Microsoft 365 solution, these reports can be scheduled to run at fixed intervals, emailed to administrators, and exported to CSV, XLSX (Microsoft Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML formats.

Make compliance easy

Manage and secure the large amount of sensitive data in your OneDrive for Business environment to meet stringent compliance requirements. M365 Manager Plus collects and analyzes activity log data and generates meaningful reports to help you:

  • Keep track of access to critical files and folders.
  • Identify the types of operations performed on files and folders.
  • Get details on who did what, when, and from where.

The OneDrive for Business file operations report helps you meet the requirements of various IT compliance regulations, including:

This report also highlights any anomalies in the file activity logs so you can strengthen your security.

See what you want

M365 Manager Plus also provides a built-in filter to customize your OneDrive for Business file operations report so you can see just the information you need. You can even save this information as a separate custom report to view alongside all other preconfigured reports. Furthermore, you can schedule when reports should be generated and export them to PDF, XLSX, HTML, and CSV file formats.

The bottom line

As your organization grows, your OneDrive for Business also grows proportionately, meaning it's a lot harder to monitor files, folders, and user activity. M365 Manager Plus offers reliable auditing and reporting to help you manage files and folders while ensuring their security.

Monitor all the OneDrive for Business file operations in real-time.

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