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Microsoft 365 shared mailbox management

A shared mailbox is like a regular mailbox in all aspects except that multiple users can read and respond to messages sent to it. Shared mailboxes are a convenient way to ensure that all the emails, including sales queries and customer complaints, are tended to by the organization.

While the Microsoft 365 Admin Center allows you to create and manage shared mailboxes, it lacks certain critical management capabilities, including the ability to manage shared mailboxes in bulk.

Use case 1: Create shared mailboxes in bulk

While email-enabled distribution groups ensure that an email sent to the group is received by everyone, not every recipient will know whether someone has responded to the email or not. This results in ignored emails or multiple replies to a single email. By replacing such groups with shared mailboxes, it's easy to avoid this issue.

Create shared mailboxes in bulk

With M365 Manager Plus, you can create shared mailboxes for every existing department in one go without PowerShell scripts. Create a CSV file with the required information, and upload it in the shared mailbox creation page of the tool (Management → Shared Mailbox Management → Shared Mailbox Creation). Once the CSV file is uploaded, M365 Manager Plus will take care of the rest.

Use case 2: Convert regular mailboxes to shared mailboxes

When employees leave the organization, it's regular practice to convert their mailboxes to shared mailboxes. This is done so that other users can access the valuable data in those mailboxes, and it ensures that emails pouring into those mailboxes are tended to.

Unlike the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, which cannot manage shared mailboxes in bulk, M365 Manager Plus can convert any number of regular mailboxes to shared mailboxes in a single click without PowerShell scripts.

Convert regular mailboxes to shared mailboxes

In the Mailbox Conversion portal (Management → Shared Mailbox Management → Shared Mailbox Conversion), upload the CSV file containing the list of mailboxes to be converted, or select them manually.

Convert regular mailboxes to shared mailboxes

With this feature, regular mailboxes can also be converted to room mailboxes or equipment mailboxes, and vice versa.

Use case 3: Add/remove shared mailbox permissions

Add/remove shared mailbox permissions

With M365 Manager Plus' shared mailbox management feature, you can add or remove multiple permissions to multiple users at a time. The permissions that can be modified include Read, FullAccess, ExternalAccount, Change, DeleteItem, and ChangeOwner permissions.

All shared mailbox management tasks

  • Shared Mailbox Creation
  • Shared Mailbox Permission Changes
  • Shared Mailbox Autoreply Configuration
  • Shared Mailbox Forward To
  • Shared Mailbox Conversion
  • Shared Mailbox Delegation
  • MailTip Settings
  • Set Litigation Hold
  • Configure Shared Mailbox Retention Policy
  • Modify Address Book Policy
  • Hide From Address List
  • Unhide From Address List
  • Shared Mailbox Size Restriction
  • Shared Mailbox Features Settings
  • Shared Mailbox Audit Settings
  • Enable Shared Mailbox
  • Disable Shared Mailbox
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