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Microsoft 365 Contact Reports

Contact objects in an Microsoft 365 environment contain customer or supplier information. This information is vulnerable because it's easily accessible to all users in your organization. For instance, it's quite possible for any user in your organization to modify the email address of your supplier inadvertently.

Keep a watchful eye on your contacts

Gain valuable insight about all activities on your contact objects with M365 Manager Plus' contact reports and restrict any unscrupulous activities.

The reports in this category include:

Contact list

M365 Manager Plus Contact list

View all the contacts in your organization, including information such as display name, object ID, email address, mobile number, and more.

Audit log

M365 Manager Plus Audit log

Get a comprehensive overview of every contact created, modified, and deleted in your Microsoft 365 environment, along with details on who performed what and when.

New contacts

M365 Manager Plus New contacts

Get details on every contact object created in your organization, including details on who created it and when.

Modified contacts

M365 Manager Plus Modified contacts

Lists all contacts modified by users in your organization. You can also see details about the operation type.

Deleted contacts

M365 Manager Plus Deleted contacts

See information on all contacts deleted from your organization's Exchange Online environment.

Inactive contacts

M365 Manager Plus Inactive contacts

Displays contacts with whom you haven't had any email communication for the past seven days.

Contacts activity

M365 Manager Plus Contacts activity

Keeps track of all emails sent to and received from the contacts in your organization, with information on the object ID and name of the contact, the sender and receiver details, and more.

Contacts with owners

M365 Manager Plus Contacts with owners

Get a list of all contact objects along with owner details such as Manager Name, Manager Object Id, Manager UPN, and more.

All mail contacts

M365 Manager Plus All mail contacts

Get a list of all contact objects along with owner details such as Manager Name, Manager Object Id, Manager UPN, and more.

Export, schedule, email, and embed reports

These contact reports can be scheduled to run at fixed intervals, emailed to administrators, and exported to multiple formats such as CSV, XLSX (Microsoft Excel), PDF (Adobe Acrobat), or HTML. You can also embed these reports in another webpage to share information easily.

Custom reports

M365 Manager Plus also provides built-in filters to pare down your contact reports reports so you see only the information you want. You can also save this information as a separate report to be viewed alongside other preconfigured reports.

The bottom line

Your contacts, be they supplier or customer, are indispensable to your organization. Therefore, you must keep their information secure. With M365 Manager Plus, you can monitor, audit, and report on every activity that involves a contact object and ensure its security.

Get details on mailbox content using automated reports of M365 Manager Plus.

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