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Microsoft 365 Management

Deploying a cloud-based work environment does not end with choosing a suitable product suite, but with finding an effective means to manage it. In your effort to manage your Microsoft 365 setup, native Microsoft 365 features might not meet your needs. M365 Manager Plus, the Microsoft 365 reporting, auditing, and management component of AD360, our unified IAM solution, comes with sophisticated features to make Microsoft 365 management effortless. It provides feature-based management so you can govern Microsoft 365 components separately.

Exchange Online Management

Use M365 Manager Plus' refined features to manage Exchange Online with ease. Handle mailboxes in bulk to eliminate redundant actions and save time. M365 Manager Plus also provides features for contacts and public folder management.

  • Mailbox management: Handle mailbox litigation hold settings, permission settings, address list changes, mailbox feature settings, and more.
  • Shared mailbox management: Create, enable, or disable shared mailboxes in bulk. Configure auto reply, change permissions, set litigation holds, modify audit settings, and perform other shared mailbox management tasks in bulk.
  • Public folder management: Enable or disable email for public folders. Delete unwanted public folders in bulk instead of removing them individually.
  • Mobile device management: With M365 Manager Plus, administrators can remove mobile devices associated with mailboxes and clear mailbox data from devices remotely.

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Azure Active Directory Management

Managing Azure Active Directory with its repository of users is a daunting task which must be done cautiously. Use M365 Manager Plus to manage Azure Active Directory easily.

  • User management: Block, unblock, delete, and restore users in bulk. Edit users' contact and address attributes and change their managers and domains from one place.
  • Group management: Configure email settings for all your Active Directory groups. Choose which types of senders (internal, external, or both) groups can receive emails from.
  • Contacts management: Alter contact attribute values in bulk. Traditionally in native Microsoft 365, you are not allowed to set multiple values while changing contact attribute values in bulk. But M365 Manager Plus lets you add multiple values while bulk editing contacts.
  • License management: License management is made easy with our simple user interface. You can assign, remove, or modify licenses in bulk with a single click.

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SharePoint Online Management

SharePoint Online is widely used by organizations that deal with huge volumes of information and need a central access point to access, store, and collaborate. An organization with multiple SharePoint sites and thousands of site members will have to execute repetitive tasks. M365 Manager Plus is a SharePoint Management tool that improves the efficiency of IT admins working on SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 services. You can perform these SharePoint management tasks in just a few clicks:

  • Manage site permissions: Assign, control, and remove permissions for multiple SharePoint Online site members of each site in a single operation.
  • Manage site groups: Swiftly create, delete, and modify group memberships and properties using bulk operations and templates.

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Microsoft Teams management

Microsoft Teams helps employees collaborate in small or organization-wide groups to conduct meetings, share files, or even work together in other apps and services to enhance productivity. Managing Microsoft Teams can get strenuous as it requires actions like creation, modification, and deletion of teams and channels for a large number of employees. ManageEngine M365 Manager Plus lightens the load for IT admins by helping them carry out these management tasks in a few clicks.

  • Manage teams: Create, update, and delete teams in bulk, or simply create new teams from existing groups. Admins can also apply granular rules for the teams created, such as enabling a user to delete or edit team messages and channels, enabling team or channel mentions, enabling the creation of private channels, and more.
  • Manage channels: Create, update, and delete channels in bulk, eliminating the need to write complex PowerShell scripts.

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