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Viewing Device Information

IT admins can view details like installed apps, certificates, restrictions imposed on the managed devices, etc using Mobile Device Manager Plus. Certain details such as Asset Details, Purchase Details, Warranty Details can be modified by the administrator for effortless management of enrolled devices.

Viewing Details of the Managed Devices

On the web console, click on Inventory and under the Devices tab, you can view the details of the managed devices. To scan the devices, click on Scan Devices tab and here, you can either scan all the devices or specific devices which call for a scan. Scanning will be initiated from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server.

As soon as scanning is completed, you can view details such as Device Name, Platform, OS version, Product name etc. You will also be able to identify Jailbroken devices and rooted devices. All the Apps that are installed on the devices will be listed (AET/CSC should be uploaded in the Mobile Device Manager Plus server to fetch App details from Windows devices).

In case it is a Knox supported device, the details such as Knox status, Container status and Knox Version will be listed. You can identify all the Installed apps in both the Knox device and container. Also, all Restrictions will be listed separately for the device and Knox Container.

In corporate Samsung devices running Android 10.0 or later enrolled using Enrollment via Invites method, ME MDM app cannot access the device's identifiers such as IMEI, serial number, etc. You can enroll the device as Device Owner or Profile Owner to collect the device ID, IMEI, etc. MDM cannot fetch IMEI, Serial number from Android 12 devices that are enrolled as Profile Owner, as per Android's Privacy policy. Only UDID is used for device identification.

Modifying Device Details

Administrators can use this option to modify the device details for administrative purposes. In general, the device name listed in the Mobile Device Manager Plus is fetched from the device, which means, the name that appears on the server is the name provided by the user. It is not always easy for the administrator to identify the device with the name of the device. Moreover, there are a lot of possibilities for multiple devices to appear with the same name. So administrators can choose to edit the details of the managed devices. Asset Details, Purchase Details and Warranty Details can be added/modified in the Mobile Device Manager Plus server. However any modifications made in the Mobile Device Manager Plus server will not be imposed on the device except for a few cases. For Windows phones, macOS machines and Supervised iOS devices running on versions 7 or later, the Device Name when modified on the server gets imposed on the device as well. Follow the steps mentioned below to edit the device details:

  1. If you want to modify the details of a single device, you can either click on Edit and Save the changes or directly click on the device name and modify it on the subsequent window.
  2. To bulk edit device details, under Inventory section click on Devices --> Bulk Edit Device Details to modify details of many devices.
  3. Create and upload a .csv file, containing the device details which needs to be modified. The .csv file should contain the IMEI or Serial number of the device. Administrators can choose to add/modify the device details, which will be added to the MDM server.
  4. Only the details of the devices, which are enrolled with MDM can be modified in the server. Click Save to store the changes, after uploading the .csv file.

You have successfully modified the details of the managed devices.

Administrators can choose to export the device details as a csv and modify the column name and details as mentioned in the sample csv file. Exporting the device details will help you to get the device details like, IMEI number and Serial numbers, so that the device name and description can be modified and uploaded directly. You can also choose to ensure the data being exported, can be masked/removed or let the technician decide every time.

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