Configuring Thresholds for VMware ESX and VMs

OpManager out-of-the-box offers monitoring templates for ESX hosts and VMs. The templates help you configure thresholds for multiple ESX hosts and VMs at one shot. For each performance metric you can configure Warning Threshold as well as Error Threshold, and receive proactive alerts if they are violated.

To configure the threshold value and apply the template

  1. Go to Settings → Configuration → Device Templates.
  2. You can find the ESX Server and VMware Virtual Machine templates for the hosts and VMs respectively. Click on the required template.

    VMware templates - Modify Device template
  3. Click on the monitor name to enable or disable the threshold, and to modify Warning Threshold, Error Threshold and Rearm Values.

    VMware templates - Edit thresholds
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click on Save to save the device template. Click on Save & Associate to save the device template and apply the changes to the devices associated to the template.
  6. Click Associate for the devices to inherit the configurations in the template. Or, click Associate & Overwrite for the devices to remove the old and add the new configurations in the template.
    • You can also configure adaptive thresholds for CPU utilization, Memory Utilization and Response Time monitors globally across OpManager from Settings -> Monitoring -> Monitor Settings. Learn more about Adaptive Thresholds.
    • To edit the threshold values of a single ESX host, go its snapshot page and click the Monitors tab under Inventory Details. Click on the Edit icon of a monitor to edit its threshold values.