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ADAudit Plus ensures Bank Of South Pacific has a clear view of their Windows Server & Netapp Filter Environment.

A good web based and cost effective solution. We like the auditing option on NetApp Filer. Also, it has partially to do with our satisfaction with other products that ManageEngine has excelled in.
Ricky Chand - Systems Engineer, Bank of South Pacific, Fiji


Bank of South Pacific




Republic of Fiji

Business Needs

BSP is one of the largest and most successful banking organizations in the South Pacific, with a proud and established reputation in Papua New Guinea and a long history of highly successful business in the region. BSP, Fuji chose ADAudit Plus in order to have a thorough insight on the events in their Windows Server environment. Monitoring their employees' access to customers confidential data and to meet the various compliance requirements.


With ADAudit Plus, BSP can see-through every event happening in their Windows Server and NetApp Filer environment with event specific 150+ reports and instant email alerts on sensitive files / unauthorized access events. Highlights being ADAudit Plus's web based, cost effective varied auditing solution (Windows Active Directory, File Servers, Servers, Workstations and NetApp Filer.

The ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Advantage


Permissions Monitoring


Archive Data

Track Windows AD & Servers, system, configuration and file modifications by Admin, Users, Helpdesk, HR etc. Archive AD event data for Security and Forensics.

Dashboard View


32 bit | 64 bit

Single view of all critical audit data for configured domains. Support for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows platforms.

Reports & Alerts


Export Reports & Meet Compliance

View 150+ pre-configured reports and set email alerting for changes to monitored folders / files. Meet PCI, SOX, GLBA, FISMA, HIPAA... Compliance with audit reports in XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML formats.

IT Auditors


Important Features

Logins for IT Auditors with reports view only. Here, only the important features are listed, for the many, many more features experience an Online Demo of ADAudit Plus.

About ADAudit Plus


About ManageEngine

ADAudit Plus is a web based Windows Active Directory & Servers Change Reporting Software that audits - tracks - reports on Windows [Active Directory, Workstations Logon / Logoff, File Servers & Servers] to help meet the most-needed security, audit and compliance demands. Track authorized / unauthorized access of users, GPO, Groups, Computer, OU changes with 150+ detailed event specific reports and instant emails alerts and also, export the results to xls, html, pdf and csv formats to assist in interpretation and computer forensics!


ManageEngine provides a suite of powerful Enterprise Management products, including network utilization, performance, security, helpdesk management, email archive management and real-time QoS management among others, aimed at making your business more effective and efficient. With a wide array of products that can be easily integrated, enterprise wide optimization is easily possible. Complementary products provide users with the ability to choose and incorporate features that they need a la' carte!

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