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Azure Monitoring Tools

Azure Monitoring

Applications Manager's Azure monitoring helps you keep your critical services up and running by collecting, analyzing and acting on the telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments. It provides deep visibility into your applications and infrastructure and helps you identify and resolve issues affecting them in order to maintain optimal performance.

Enhance the performance of your Azure environment with detailed insights

With Applications Manager's Azure monitoring, you can:

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Get unmatched visibility into your Azure Cloud

Monitoring Azure with Applications Manager gives you rich, actionable insights into your entire Azure cloud environment. Ensure 24/7 availability of your services and apps by persistent monitoring of various critical metrics that affects their health and performance. Keep a close eye on resource stats to ensure they aren't over or under-used and remove resources that are sitting idle to economize costs.

Applications Manager's Azure monitoring tool enables you to proactively monitor Azure KPIs that are vital to your applications by fetching the stats real time and aggregating them for historical analysis.It also allows you to anticipate resource consumption and growth with forecast reports that employ machine learning techniques to predict the growth and usage.

Azure Monitoring Tools

Detect, diagnose and resolve Azure performance issues quickly

  • Set up alerts easily. Choose from the traditional threshold based alerts or alerts based on dynamic baselines.
  • Trigger alerts in real time when any Azure workload becomes unavailable or runs into performance bottlenecks, errors or issues with heavy traffic.
  • Get notified in the medium of your choice (email, text, Slack channels). Respond to critical incidents quickly.
  • Monitor Azure resources to get advanced root cause analysis which can help diagnose the source of problems.
  • Rectify error conditions faster by automating corrective tasks using web hooks to start external actions or trigger automatic rollbacks. You can even integrate with your ITSM tools such as ServiceNow or ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus for advanced incident management.
  • With Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure monitoring, you could even use it to auto-scale your cloud resources based on the load of the system, giving you the flexible just-in-time compute when you need it.

Azure Monitor

Save time with Applications Manager's agentless Azure monitoring

Applications Manager uses Azure APIs to connect to Azure for data collection and aggregates the metrics to present it in the Azure monitoring dashboard. You can monitor Azure performance metrics out of the box. No need to spend time installing agents or collectors.

We support the following services:

Discover and track your entire Microsoft domain and its dependencies

Most often that not, applications built on Azure cloud are dependent on other Microsoft services as well. Optimize the performance of the applications together with other Microsoft indigenous services that the applications are contingent on. Apart from featuring a real time Azure monitor, Applications Manager provides support for all other Microsoft services such as:

Go beyond native Azure monitoring tools

Although Azure offers a variety of native monitoring tools like Azure monitor, Activity Logs, Azure Diagnostics, etc., monitoring your Azure environment with these tools can still be challenging and time consuming because of their complex and overlapping offerings.
Applications Manager is an easy to use, affordable third-party Azure monitoring software that enables you to quickly reduce the visibility gaps left by native Azure monitoring tools.

Ensure optimal performance of your hybrid cloud applications

An enterprise does not rely on a single technology or cloud service. Observation of critical metrics of all the cloud services in the IT infrastructure is imperative to ensure uninterrupted and high functioning of applications and other operations. With Applications Manager, get unmatched visibility into your hybrid, multi-cloud, and container environments, including both private and public cloud services. Supported public cloud services include:

Migrate to Azure with confidence

Make migrating to the Azure cloud more predictable in terms of costs. With Azure cloud monitoring, maintain business continuity and platform reliability during cloud migration by getting deep visibility into your application performance metrics and rapidly resolving incidents before, during, and after migration.

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Simplify Azure monitoring with Applications Manager

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