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    Configuring NAT Settings

    If you want EventLog Analyzer server to be reachable via public IP address, you can configure the NAT settings in such a way that all the requests that are sent to the public IP address get redirected to the EventLog Analyzer server.

    • For devices within the LAN
    • If you use the same DNS name for both public and private IP, then all internal requests within the LAN will be directed through the internal DNS to reach the private IP without getting routed through the public IP.

    • For devices in the Internet
    • Devices from the internet use the DNS name to reach the public IP address from where it gets directed to the private IP address.

    Log collection for windows internet devices:

    This can be achieved through agent-based log collection by specifying the public IP address and port.

    Steps for applying/changing the IP & Port details on the agent registry

    1. If you are installing the agent for the first time, please follow the steps given here.
    2. Kindly follow the steps given below to update the IP/Port details in the registry if you have already installed or are running the EventLog Analyzer agent.
    3. Steps to update the IP/Port in registry:

      • Open the registry using regedit.exe in command prompt
      • Navigate to "Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ZOHO Corp\EventLogAnalyzer\ServerInfo"
      • Update the ServerIPAddress and ServerPort
      • Configuring NAT Settings
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