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Discover how NetFlow Analyzer upgraded a leading Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer’s network traffic management process

In the breakneck world of the automobile industry, ensuring a seamless customer and user experience is paramount. This is especially true for a renowned Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer that has established itself as a leader in the industry. Representing a blend of Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and automotive excellence, the company has been captivating automobile enthusiasts around the world for over a century.

Industry type

Automotive Industry



Network size

400 Servers, and 6000 Clients across multiple sites

The automobile manufacturer's IT environment and the need for a unified system

The automobile manufacturer has a complex infrastructure of core sites at its headquarters and multiple subsidiaries globally. Its infrastructure is comprised of 400 servers (both on premises and in the cloud), over 6,000 clients, and over 30 network devices. Each of the offices has its own IT teams and processes. As an enterprise that regularly uses video conferencing and MPLS in a network as big as this, it needed a comprehensive solution that could monitor everything under one umbrella—one that would also allow the enterprise to scale up during potential future expansions.

The manufacturer was already using ManageEngine Site24x7 extensively for its website monitoring needs. It was on the lookout for a tool that could integrate well with its existing monitoring system while offering all the monitoring features it needed, better usability, agentless monitoring, and a better cost. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer checked all of these boxes and more.

The solution: Establishing a unified IT management system with NetFlow Analyzer

The vehicle manufacturing leader did not want to lose or modify its existing monitoring system. With NetFlow Analyzer's ease of use, advanced monitoring features, and smooth integration into the company's environment, this ManageEngine solution was the clear first choice.

Implementing NetFlow Analyzer

With NetFlow Analyzer in place, the manufacturer’s IT team configured the system to monitor critical network traffic, devices, and data, without interrupting daily operations. The team set up customized alerts to get instantly notified if network thresholds get breached. As a result, the IT team gained the upper hand, enabling it to preemptively address potential congestion issues.

“NetFlow Analyzer helps a lot. We avoid so many repetitive tasks now, so we invest the efforts of my team in core projects.”

Name —An Azure cloud architect for the leading vehicle manufacturer

NetFlow Analyzer has helped the company monitor its business-critical metrics. The IT team has used the customizable dashboards, reports, alerts, and other monitoring features to track various traffic activities in order to ensure bandwidth management is carried out efficiently:


With NetFlow Analyzer's customizable dashboards, the IT team can now monitor the entire network from a single, centralized console.

Threshold-based alerting

NetFlow Analyzer oversees business-critical metrics, such as bandwidth utilization and packet loss, and has enabled the company to set threshold-based alerts. “We use alerts to monitor the traffic sent and received by all clients, ports and protocols, and in order to prevent network traffic issues such as security [threats], data loss, and too much traffic,” said an Azure cloud architect for the company who closely works with NetFlow Analyzer.


With the multitude of customizable reports available in NetFlow Analyzer, the team is now able to monitor network traffic activity, critical devices, and other network elements using the Search Report, Protocol Distribution report, and Report Profiles every day. The team can schedule frequently used reports, customizing them to fit various monitoring needs. “Both Site24x7 and NetFlow Analyzer help us with monitoring and creating reports about our whole infrastructure,” said the cloud architect.

Network configuration management

With NetFlow Analyzer's traffic shaping features, the manufacturer can now easily manage and optimize traffic for critical applications and keep its QoS policies in check.

Better usability

The vehicle manufacturer found NetFlow Analyzer’s UI easy to navigate, work with, and integrate with in-house and third-party applications. It also seamlessly integrated with the established monitoring system. “In one console, we could monitor servers, services, and networks, and also we create reports with NetFlow Analyzer,” said the cloud architect.

CBQoS monitoring

The Class-Based QoS (CBQoS) monitoring feature in NetFlow Analyzer has helped the company set, audit, and update its QoS and service policies for better bandwidth management.

Wireless LAN controller monitoring

The automobile manufacturer has taken control of its entire wireless network with access to detailed reports and graphs on the performance of SSIDs, controllers, access points, and client IPs and MACs.

NBAR monitoring

The Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR) monitoring feature has enabled the manufacturer to monitor its application traffic efficiently.

The HighPerf Reporting Engine

The HighPerf Reporting Engine, NetFlow Analyzer's highly scalable raw data storage database that facilitates smarter analytics, faster troubleshooting, and better bandwidth management, has helped the company gain enhanced network traffic insights with extended storage. The engine has provided historical data analysis capabilities, allowing the IT team to identify trends, optimize network performance, and plan for future growth.

A low cost

NetFlow Analyzer came as an affordable solution for the level of features it offers.

Agentless functioning

NetFlow Analyzer’s ability to function without agents and constant surveillance was one of the primary reasons cited by the company's IT team for purchasing the solution.

Customer Favorite Features

Central monitoring system
Task automation
Integrations withSite24x7

NetFlow Analyzer delivered what was asked for and more

With all of the requested and additional advanced capabilities that NetFlow Analyzer offered, this leading automobile manufacturer was able to save time and resources with a simple solution. These capabilities included the following:

  • NetFlow Analyzer has assisted in managing bandwidth-intensive applications, like video conferencing software, which the company relies on for its operational needs. This was achieved through its capabilities of media traffic monitoring and traffic shaping.
  • The unified monitoring system has simplified the manufacturer's network traffic management process, saving it the trouble of juggling multiple tools.
  • Customizable alerts have ensured that the IT team gets notified of critical issues as they arise, enabling proactive measures.
  • NetFlow Analzyer’s real-time insights into network traffic have been invaluable for swift issue identification and resolution.
  • The solution has cut down the time it takes the IT team to do repetitive tasks through automation.
  • NetFlow Analyzer has reduced downtime and improved network reliability for the company.
  • The manufacturer has enjoyed cost savings through the proactive issue resolution facilitated by the solution.
  • NetFlow Analyzer has helped improve decision-making for the company through data-driven insights.

How NetFlow Analyzer can help your business

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a full-featured bandwidth monitoring and network traffic analysis solution. It caters to organizations of all sizes, monitoring their networks to provide end-to-end visibility into network traffic, application performance, and every interface and device, including routers, switches, and firewalls, with multi-vendor support. With NetFlow Analyzer, navigate the causes of failures; identify bottlenecks; detect network security threats; and manage and track all network traffic activity, top talkers, and conversations with an overview of your entire distributed network from a single, central installation. For more information about NetFlow Analyzer, visit

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