Basic Settings Operations

    NetFlow Analyzer lets you perform many administrative tasks typical of an enterprise network administrator, such as managing a group of routers, handling different users, setting up alerts, etc. Explore the following sections to know more about the administrative options available in NetFlow Analyzer.

    Setting Description
    Mail Server Settings Will allow to configure the Email Server which is required for sending alerts and other reports.
    SMS Server Settings You can configure NetFlow Analyzer to send sms using SMS Gateway or SMPP.
    Proxy Server Settings This is to configure the network proxy settings.
    User Management This allows you to configure users and Radius server settings.
    Server Settings  Server Settings allows you to change the Webserve and UDP Listener port for NetFlow Analyzer.
    System Settings The Server Settings option includes several configuration settings that you can configure from the user interface.
    Rebranding Rebranding option helps you replace NetFlow Analyzer logo in the NetFlow Analyzer web client as well as in the reports, with your company's logo.
    Rest API Rest API option allows you to generate REST API Key.
    Device Snapshot Settings The Snapshot settings option allows you to configure how the snapshots of each graph is displayed.
    Security Settings The Security Settings option includes various options to configure security settings.
    Self Monitoring Self Monitoring allows you to monitor your own device.
    SSH Settings This option allows you to configure Secure Shell settings.
    Privacy Settings Privacy Settings provides PII search options.