Technician auto-assign

Automate Ticket Assignment.
Don't Miss a Single Ticket.
Avoid unattended tickets with various models of automated ticket assignment

Automate Ticket Assignment - Round Robin or Load Balance Way

  • Choose from Round Robin or Load Balancing mechanisms to assign incoming tickets to technicians automatically.
  • Distribute tickets equally among available technicians in the round robin method.
  • Take into account existing technician workload while assigning tickets by the load balancing mechanism.
  • Exclude technicians from automated assignments if they are not available to handle tickets.
  • Enable 'exceptions' to ensure that a ticket's matching specific criteria such as category, level, priority, mode, type, and site that follow a different process workflow are not auto-assigned.

Create Business Rules. Define Your Own Workflows.

  • Create custom workflows to assign incoming tickets in the service desk.
  • Match incoming tickets with predefined criteria and route them to appropriate technicians or support groups.
  • Reassign tickets and provide for alternate routing by applying business rules upon ticket updates.
Assign specific technicians or groups for uncommon issues

The technician auto-assign (round robin/load balancing) feature works best for our organization, reducing assignment delays.

Darren Hammond, ICT manager, Lesedi Nuclear Services, Western Cape

Automate Ticket Assignment. Don't Miss a Single Ticket.

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