Business Rules

Automate Help Desk Workflows for Efficient Ticket Handling
Trigger criteria-based actions to accelerate your ticketing operations

    Define Rules to Automate Your Help Desk

  • Define site-specific business rules to cater to different ticket processing mechanisms across all operational sites of your organization.
  • Configure multiple criteria to perform custom actions on incoming tickets.
  • Prioritize and categorize tickets, set urgency and impact, and assign tickets to technicians or support groups, based on the inbound ticket parameters.
  • Execute business rules on ticket creation or ticket updates.
  • Manage multiple worklflows by cascading the execution of business rules.
  • Notify technicians with custom emails and text messages when a business rule is executed.

With business rules, we have been able to ensure that tickets are handled by the right teams, ensuring faster resolution times for end users.

Dean Ryan, regional IT manager, Newsquest Media Group

Automate Help Desk Workflows for Efficient Ticket Handling

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