Help Desk Scheduler

Organize your IT Help Desk Activities
ITSM process automation
Plan, schedule, and assign service desk activities right from the built-in calendar

    Manage Technician Availability and Get Timely Reminders

  • Get a calendar view of open requests, problems, changes, tasks, and reminders assigned to a technician for a given month. View this information based on sites and support groups.
  • Manage technician availability by marking leave of absence right within the calendar.
  • Create tasks and configure reminders to get notified of the tasks in advance.
  • Reassign tickets, tasks, problems, and changes without having to navigate screens.
  • Assign backup technicians to handle tickets of unavailable technicians.

We're really enjoying using ServiceDesk Plus. It really helps us nail our ITSM processes down harder, enables far more accurate reporting, and the technicians get a lot more out of it than our old help desk.

Dean Bird, CEO, My Book It, Australia

Organize your IT Help Desk Activities

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