Each business has processes and services that need to be supported in their own unique way. IT service desks are no exception and need to support highly customized processes according to business requirements. However, more often than not, this is a pain point for IT help desk teams.

Legacy ITSM tools do not provide sufficient customization options out of the box, and they often require extensive development effort for simple customizations. This results in incomplete or incorrect process automations that fail to deliver a satisfactory customer experience.

On the other hand, easily customizable help desk software enables organizations to implement custom process configurations with minimum effort and overhead.

Customization capabilities in an IT service desk tool can deliver a host of benefits for both the end users and the technicians:

Custom help desk

From paper blueprints to real-time workflows

The flexibility to customize various aspects of help desk software, including automation capabilities, ensures effective implementation of processes. For example, configurable service-level agreements (SLAs) help ensure services are delivered on time and alert the service desk managers about misconduct.

Recent enhancements to service desk software, like the ability to design custom workflows on a visual designer or a free-form canvas, ensures that help desk teams are able to translate their ITSM process from a paper blueprint into real-time workflows.

Create a request from incident

Sharper information, quicker resolutions

The ability to create customizable incident and service request forms ensures that all the relevant information needed by the technician is made available right at the time of ticket creation. This ensures that the technician can work on the ticket immediately instead of going back and forth with the end user for more details.

For example, IT help desks typically require a whole lot of information ranging from employee details to device specifications for processing onboarding tickets. With the use of customizable and dynamic request forms, help desks can streamline information collection by communicating on-boarding offerings with clarity while end users benefit from a user-friendly interface and shorter forms.

Help desk canned responses

Streamlined communication: Contextual and personal

Autoresponders and canned emails have become the mainstay for service desk communication, where you only need to provide information on who needs to be informed in case of a specific event. Beyond that, there are customizable email templates to add a personal touch to your automated responses.

On top of this, all automated notifications can be made contextual with relevant ticket-specific information such as ticket ID, subject, etc. This helps in delivering a personalized experience to your end users while reducing the need for back-and-forth communication with the help desk.

Help desk customization

High end-user satisfaction rate fueled by a better user experience

For end users, help desk customization translates into a user-friendly interface with a personalized ticketing experience. From being able to design the look and feel of the self-service portals to delivering a personalized experience based on the role and location of the end user, service desk customizations help IT teams deliver a better experience to the end users.

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ServiceDesk Plus with its wide array of code-less customizations helps you customize everything, from the look and feel of your self-service portal to automation rules and dynamic forms

Key help desk customization capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus

Capture the right data from your end users

Build custom, user-friendly incident and service request templates with a simple drag-and-drop canvas. Collect all relevant information with custom additional fields of multiple types including pick list, drop-down, and date. Implement condition-based actions driven by user input to make your forms dynamic.

Flexible ticket management that works your way

Configure custom actions, notifications, tasks, automations, and webhooks to enhance your ITSM capabilities with maximum flexibility. Script your own custom functions using Deluge, Zoho's scripting language.

Establish help desk integrity by authorizing the right people with custom roles

Set up custom roles to restrict access to different modules such as requests, problems, changes, purchases, contracts, assets, solutions, and reports. Configure granular authorizations such as adding, editing, or deleting tickets across modules.

Support end users around the globe with multi-site support

ServiceDesk Plus makes it easier to manage multiple offices around the world from a single service desk console. Manage users, handle requests from different locations, and define custom operational hours and holidays by defining custom sites and regions.

Schedule and manage your help desk activities efficiently

Leverage the help desk scheduler to mark technicians' absences and assign backup technicians. Create tasks, schedule reminders, and reassign tickets without having to juggle between multiple screens.

ServiceDesk Plus works across different types of organizations with best-in-class service desk customization

Brings ITSM best practices to government organizations

ServiceDesk Plus helps government organizations deftly handle IT support while operating on a shoe-string budget. ServiceDesk Plus, an affordable yet efficient help desk solution, helps boost staff productivity in public-sector organizations across the globe.

Helps to maintain an uninterrupted technical infrastructure in healthcare facilities

With advanced enterprise service management (ESM) capabilities, Servicedesk Plus helps healthcare institutions ensure around-the-clock availability of critical infrastructure services. A variety of hospitals and healthcare corporations leverage ServiceDesk Plus for optimal functioning of IT services, which helps them deliver quality health care.

Revolutionizes IT support in educational institutions

Digital transformation has helped schools across the globe to leverage IT in revamping their education delivery processes. ServiceDesk Plus steps in to fill the IT support gaps in educational institutions by helping to effectively manage on-campus IT resources and the technological infrastructure of schools.

Transforms the contours of IT help desks in higher education

ServiceDesk Plus helps the top universities in the world effectively manage IT support tickets from teachers, students, and administrators, offering a seamless learning experience aided by the new-age digital infrastructure.

ServiceDesk Plus Has Made Managing
All Areas Of Our Department More Connected!

We have used the product for three years now. It has provided all that we need with a lot of options for customization and integration with additional services. A complete ITSM solution, provides us with the tools necessary to better manage all aspects of the areas we manage, from procurement, to obsolescence, changes, surveys, all of it! They continue to improve the product, making it a product that we would be lost without!

Industry: Education
Role: CTO
Firm Size: Govt/PS/ED <5,000 Employees

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