Vulnerability Manager Plus is available in three variants - Professional edition, Enterprise edition and Free edition. The table below provides a comparison of features available in the different editions.

Features Professional Enterprise Free
Suitable for Suitable for LAN networks Suitable for WAN and LAN networks small Businesses with up to 25 devices
Annual subscription price for 100 workstations, Single Technician $695 $1195 $0
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability scanning On-demand/automated On-demand/automated On-demand/automated
Vulnerability assessment      
Zero-day vulnerability detection      
Zero-day vulnerability mitigation      
Threat and vulnerability exceptions      
Security Configuration Management
System misconfiguration detection *      
Secure configuration deployment      
Patch Management
Missing patch detection      
Install/uninstall patches        
Automated patch deployment      
Decline patches        
Test and approve patches      
Deployment policies      
Antivirus Definition update deployment        
Driver and BIOS updates        
High Risk Software Audit
High-risk software detection      
Uninstall high risk software *      
Web Server Hardening
Detection and resolution of server misconfigurations      
Port Audit
Audit active ports      
Multi-technician support      
Role-based administration      
Active Directory authentication      
Distribution server for bandwidth optimization      
Managing roaming users      
Remote shutdown - on-demand      
Remote shutdown - schedule      
Wake on LAN - on-demand      
Wake on LAN - schedule      
Download/Schedule reports      
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* Security configuration deployment and uninstalling high risk software features are not available in professional edition for Vulnerability Manager Plus versions below 10.1.2119.3.

Failover Server Starts at $1195
Secure Gateway Server $300
Multilanguage Support $185
These add-ons are available for all editions of Vulnerability Manager Plus.