Locally rooted, globally connected

Our mission to redefine enterprise IT solutions has crossed oceans, all from our humble beginnings in India.

Locally rooted, globally connected.
  • This year, we had the privilege of empowering
    customers spread across

  • We are closer to you than ever before, with
    employees working across
    global offices.

  • Over 10% of them are working from the
    hub offices across India, dedicated to serving you no matter where you are.

  • 16
    global data centers, including this year’s latest additions in the UK and Canada, demonstrate our commitment to address your diverse IT challenges and ensure data sovereignty worldwide.

Your success is our blueprint

We didn't just change. We evolved to better serve your
nuanced enterprise requirements.

  • 550+
    companies facilitated seamless digital enterprise management with the help of our network path analysis module to visualize traffic patterns and ensure optimal network path performance.

  • 2,270
    businesses fortified their security by leveraging our advanced SIEM solutions.

  • 200,000+
    enterprise machines encrypted with our UEMS solution.

  • 1.5 million
    endpoints protected with our anti-ransomware module.

Solving challenges, one solution at a time

Solving challenges,
one solution at a time

Transformed your EX with our solutions
  • 23 million endpoints managed with our UEMS solution.
  • 80,000+ custom solutions created for end users in the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus, increasing IT technicians' productivity.
  • 8.1 million devices monitored for better network performance.
  • 3.6 million remote troubleshooting sessions performed by IT professionals utilizing our UEMS Cloud solutions.
Your IT, autonomized with our support
  • 456% increase in mobile adoption rate for our AI-powered monitoring.
  • 100% increase in usage of our low-code platform.
  • 700,000+ mobile app downloads of our ITSM solution.
  • 29,000+ interfaces managed across 79 countries, enabling distributed workforces with enhanced bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis.
  • 2,700 average users added to the our low-code self service portal.
  • 20 new apps built per day using our low-code platform.
Fortified your cyber defenses with us
  • 783% surge in using behavior-based traffic analysis for a holistic and reliable decision support system.
  • 589% increase in the usage of correlation reports, providing insights about potential attacks.
  • 410% increase in users managed using our privileged access management solution.
  • 99.8% accuracy in ransomware detection with our anti-ransomware module.
  • 20.2 million+ user identities were managed using our IAM solution.
  • 10.2 million+ sessions monitored using our privileged access management solution.
Propelled your business forward
  • 400,000+ OSs deployed remotely with our UEMS solutions.
  • 10x faster development seen with in-house teams as well as global customers with our low-code platform.
  • 35% of our UEMS customers used the self-service portal to install software based on the end user's needs.
curve Cloud Shield Robot

We've sailed the winds of change and stood ahead of the curve

In an ever-changing world, we kept you ahead with solutions that empower the enterprises of tomorrow.

Cloud Shield Robot
  • Cloud
  • Zero Trust
  • AI
  • 8.2% increase in ManageEngine Cloud customers.
  • 7.5 million users milestone for ServiceDesk Plus Cloud in 2023.
Zero Trust
  • 1,500% increase in organizations using our Zero Trust controls to mitigate real-time threats.
  • 483% increase in user adoption and 273% increase in device adoption in Zero Trust.
  • 51,967 users optimized network efficiency with ML-driven adaptive thresholds for dynamic alerts.
  • 2 million ticket categorizations automated by Zia AI in ServiceDesk Plus Cloud.
  • 20 billion+ calls to our AI/ML engine to understand regular patterns of your site and predict future trends.

Real people,
real stories

Stories that defined our success

Stories that defined our success

Meeting your evolving
enterprise challenges

We perfected our product portfolio to
match your evolving pace.

New product launches
Product updates

Our inaugural CIO meet
redefined networking

Our inaugural CIO meet redefined networking

A convergence of 163 global IT leaders with the top minds of Zoho Corporation.

From gatherings to growth

From gatherings
to growth

Reflecting on the moments that
fueled your success and ours.

  • 14

    User conferences

  • 130


  • 132

    Industry events

  • 19

    Virtual events

  • 10


  • 171


  • 169

    Online workshops


A year of memorable milestones

  • Gartner® Gartner
  • Forrester® Forrester
  • KuppingerCole Analysts KuppingerCole Analysts
  • GigaOm GigaOm
  • Overall Leader in the Leadership Compass 2023 for Unified Endpoint Management for the second consecutive year
  • Challenger in the Leadership Compass 2023 for Data Leakage Prevention
  • Challenger in the Leadership Compass 2023 for Privileged Access Management
  • Leader in GigaOm Radar for Unified Endpoint Management in 2023
  • Leader in GigaOm Radar for Network Observability in 2023
  • Leader in GigaOm Radar for Patch Management in 2023
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