Put your analytics on turbo drive with ChatGPT

We are happy to launch the beta version of ChatGPT integration in ManageEngine Analytics Plus (Cloud). Get assistance from ChatGPT to create your custom KPIs, write SQL queries, and import data from public data sets. Discover how ChatGPT can supercharge Analytics Plus.

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Put your analytics on turbo drive with ChatGPT

Discover and import data from public datasets

Import data from threat intelligence feeds, pull in price lists of hardware and software assets, receive details about vendor offerings, or pool in data from industry peers for benchmarking. Unlock new possibilities with ChatGPT with Analytics Plus.

Import external data set using ChatGPT

Get suggestions to build formulas

Need to create derived metrics and KPIs from raw data? Describe the expected KPI, and let ChatGPT create those formulas for you. No more "trial and error" rigamarole for building formulas.

Create formulas using Chatgpt

Get help with building SQL queries for data blending

Effortlessly blend data from two or more data sources using prompts in natural language. Don't let a lack of expertise in SQL querying hinder you from correlating data points so you can make critical decisions.

Generate SQL queries to join tables using ChatGPT


  • The ChatGPT integration with Analytics Plus is an optional feature that can be turned on/off by users based on necessity. Users need to have a valid Open AI account and API token to enable this integration.
  • This feature is designed to ensure that none of the confidential stored data is sent to Open AI servers. However, It is recommended that you use an API token from a licensed Open AI account to ensure the questions posted to ChatGPT are not used by Open AI to train its large language model.
  • None of the core functionality of Analytics Plus is dependent on the ChatGPT integration. It is purely designed to assist power users with completing tasks quicker, such as SQL query creation, KPI creation, and others.
  • As Open AI uses its servers stored in the United States to process answers to questions posted to ChatGPT, this integration is only available for users in our US datacenter.

Get more out of your data with ChatGPT
for Analytics Plus.

Refer to our help documentation for detailed steps to set up the ChatGPT integration with Analytics Plus.

Get expert help to set up ChatGPT for Analytics Plus