Help Document

Report Exporting

Log360 Cloud gives users the ability to export reports as PDF or CSV files. You also have the option to view all the reports that were exported.

To export reports,

  • Go to the report you want to export and click the Export drop-down button on the top-right corner of the report.
  • Select the format in which you want the report to be exported.
  • The export history section will open automatically to display the exports queue.
  • For each export, you have the option of downloading the report or clearing it from the queue by selecting an appropriate option.

To view export history, click the History at the top-right corner of a report. You will be displayed a list of the last 50 reports that were exported.

Note: The export history has a maximum limit of 100 exports. If you want to perform exports after the limit is exceeded, you need to clear an equal number of exports from the history.