Incorporate your IT operations under one umbrella

All-inclusive platform

Perform network monitoring and management, configuration backups, change management, compliance checks, and any other task relating to your IT infrastructure.

Powerful and intuitive tools to minimize network downtime due to issues such as hardware failures, server errors, application crashes, outdated firewall policies, etc.

Support for more than 450 vendors, 10,000 device types, and 150 applications out of the box. You can also add custom device types with device templates.

Scale up to enterprise class networks seamlessly. Monitor and manage more than 10,000 devices and 50,000 interfaces.

Gain detailed insights into your network, down to the last node

Advanced network monitoring

Analyze availability and performance of critical network devices like routers and switches by measuring metrics such as latency, packet loss, jitter, response time, etc.

Analyze bandwidth usage within your network using advanced flow technologies like NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, J-flow, Netstream, and AppFlow. Identify top talkers and network anomalies, perform traffic shaping, and more.

Gather key insights about the performance of your WAN across multiple paths from source to destination. Analyze network performance on a hop-by-hop basis to visualize and deduct where the source of an outage lies.

Track user activity, perform change management, configure backup scheduling, audit compliance, and check firmware vulnerabilities for switches, routers, and other network devices.

Allocate IP addresses and troubleshoot common network issues with over 20 tools like traceroute and PING. Perform switch-port mapping to monitor switches and gain a port-by-port insight on switch performance.

Set thresholds and alerts to be warned of network issues, server performance errors, bandwidth and traffic problems, and other potential trouble that could harm your hybrid infrastructure.

Resolve server performance issues with advanced monitoring solutions

Server performance management

Measure server performance with metrics such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk space, and temperature. Store historical information for reference and troubleshooting. Remotely locate faulty processes and services and kill them to improve performance.

Monitor the performance of your VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix, and Citrix Xen servers with deep performance metrics. Gather key information about the performance of the host devices and the guest virtual machines.

Manage your data center assets effectively by preventing downtime and resource over-provisioning. Ensure endpoint availability of key network devices such as routers, switches, WAPs, etc.

Monitor over 100 applications and server types for performance. Monitor front-end response times, synthetic transactions, application databases, container monitoring, etc.

Ensure seamless user access to cloud services. Monitor remote processes, services, server performance, network congestion, bandwidth usage, and more to keep your cloud system in good shape.

 Stay ahead of network outages with intuitive fault management

Network issue identification and resolution

Root cause analysis helps you save time and money by tracking down the root cause behind an outage. Compare data from over 20 monitors in one window to correlate sensor data and deduce root cause.

Create workflows from an interactive drag-and-drop window to automate routine tasks and perform first level troubleshooting, freeing up your IT staff to perform more pressing tasks.

Perform advanced capacity planning using predictive algorithms. Set alerts for predicted capacities and take timely action to replace network resources that are about to be exhausted.

Alarms that aren't acknowledged in a user configured period are pushed up the chain of command. Alarm escalation rules can be configured to push alarms based on severity level of alarm, group of devices, time elapsed, and more.

Use machine learning and predictive algorithms to determine the ideal threshold values for each metric. This spares you of the need to change threshold values manually based on day-to-day requirements.

Attain in-depth visibility into your IT infrastructure

Network visualization

View key information regarding your network in one holistic network monitoring platform. Use the dashboard to arrange reports, maps, and graphs containing key data in one easily accessible place.

Analyze performance metrics, logs, and traces to monitor, track, and resolve network performance issues. Get meaningful insights into cloud, virtual, and datacenter networks.

Use a single core router to visualize your entire network down to each individual connection. You can directly discover unknown devices from the map, access key information by clicking on each node, and decipher the intricate connections between your network components.

Interactive server rack and 3D server room floor maps to visualize your infrastructure and access information. Direct IT technicians remotely using accurate descriptions of your server infrastructure.

A solution tailored to meet your industry specific needs

Secure, scalable and easy-to-use

Cater to the growing demands of the citizens, drive growth and improve operational efficiency.

Ensure seamless banking processes, customer interactions, and financial transactions.

Monitor the availability of critical medical systems and proactively resolve issues before they impact patient care.

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