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M365 Security Plus









Exchange Online Auditing

Exchange User Activities

Track activities of mailbox owners, non-owners, and delegates, including mailbox logon activity, send-as right usage, and more. Learn More

Exchange Admin Activities

Audit admin activities like mailbox creation and deletion, as well as changes to mailbox permissions, delegates, size, and more. Learn More

Mailbox Permission Changes

Retrieve audit details on mailbox permission changes, including information on who made what permission change and when. Learn More

Mailbox Property Changes

Audit modified user attributes, like name, phone number, office, department, and more. Learn More

Public Folders

View audit details on public folders that were created, modified, or deleted. Audit created, accepted, and denied synchronization and migration requests. Learn More

Spam and Malware Detection

Retrieve audit details on messages that are marked as spam, blocked based on content, sent by blocked users, filtered by transport rules, and more. Learn More

Mobile Device Auditing

Get audit log details on mobile device configurations, including details on mobile device policies, access level changes, and deleted mobile devices. Learn More

Calendar Activities

Audit mailbox calendar settings to see text message settings for calendar events and more. Learn More

OWA Activities

Audit OWA mailbox policies, mailbox configurations, OWA calendar settings, and more with the utmost detail. Learn More

Azure Active Directory Auditing

User Administration Activities

Get audit details on user creation, modification, and deletion carried out in Azure AD. Learn More

License Activities

Closely monitor license changes made in Azure AD to effectively manage your licenses. Learn More

Group Administration Activities

View audit details about created, modified, and deleted user groups. Be aware of who makes membership changes in groups. Learn More

Password Activities

Audit reset or changed user passwords, modified credentials, and forced password changes. Learn More

Role Administration Activities

Track when an admin assigns a user to the admin role, removes a user from the admin role, or modifies company contact information. Learn More

User Logon Activities

Keep user login activities in check. Audit successful and failed login attempts made by users with details on the application they used, client IP, and more. Learn More

Application Administrative Activities

Audit application admin activities, including when an admin adds or deletes credentials to a service principal, delegation entry, or service principal. Learn More

User Property Changes

Audit display name changes, contact information changes, and other user attribute changes. Learn More

Group Property Changes

Audit changes to group names, email addresses, and other group attributes. Learn More

OneDrive for Business Auditing

File and Folder Activities

Audit created, modified, deleted, renamed, copied, or restored files to closely monitor file and folder changes. Learn More

Sharing Activities

View audit details about sharing invitations, company-wide sharing links, anonymous links, access requests, as well as shared files, folders, and sites. Learn More

Sync Activities

See which files are uploaded to and downloaded from OneDrive for Business, and which devices are allowed to sync or are blocked from syncing. Learn More

Power BI Auditing

Power BI Dashboards

Get real-time auditing details on the dashboards that users have created, viewed, modified, deleted, printed, or shared. Learn More

Power BI Reports

Use detailed audit reports to track the Power BI reports that users have created, modified, deleted, exported, printed, or downloaded.  Learn More

Admin Activities

Audit trial subscriptions, created and deleted Power BI groups, viewed usage metrics, created and deleted organizational content packs, and other admin portal activities. Learn More

Microsoft Teams Auditing

Team Events

Track user activity and trends by auditing the creation of teams and channels. Schedule these audit reports and have them automatically emailed to your inbox. Learn More

User Logons

Monitor user logon activities to detect forced logons, a common sign of malicious activity, to ensure your organization complies with various industry mandates. Learn More

Setting Changes

Identify whether your workplace has been compromised by keeping track of organization, team, and channel setting changes. Run audit reports to see who made what change and when. Learn More

SharePoint Online Auditing

File and folder activities

Keep track of file and folder creation, modification, deletion, restoration, downloads, and more with detailed audit reports. Learn More

Sharing activities

Monitor access requests, sharing invitations, shared files and folders, company-wide sharing links, anonymous links, and more. Learn More

Sync activities

Get a detailed list of devices that are synced to your document library along with details on file uploads, downloads, and changes. Learn More

Compliance Management


Audit eDiscovery administrators and members, viewed and deleted eDiscovery cases, case hold rules, and more. Learn More


View audit information on created, deleted, and modified Data Loss Prevention rules and policies, as well as a list of retrieved sensitive information types. Learn More

EOP Users and Groups

See who has viewed and retrieved the list of user objects, group objects, and recipient objects. Learn More

A Complete Microsoft 365 Security Solution