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How InterGlobe Enterprises' IT Team Simplified IT Management Using ADManager Plus

About the Company

InterGlobe Enterprises is a large Indian conglomerate holding leadership positions in aviation, hospitality, and travel-related services. Established in 1989 and headquartered in Gurugram, InterGlobe employs more than 24,000 professionals internationally. Its business ventures include civil aviation (IndiGo), airline management, travel commerce, advanced pilot training, aircraft maintenance engineering, and real estate.

Business Challenge

The IT team at InterGlobe Enterprises was bombarded with calls from users about security and access issues, and it was becoming difficult to handle all the requests efficiently. When asked about their IT situation, Gautam Gupta, an IT Manager at InterGlobe explained, "We have around 25,000 to 30,000 users. We have Active Directory [AD] and Microsoft Exchange on premises. So, in Delhi IT operations, we get a lot of calls from different users about either security issues or access issues."

Realizing they had to act before things spiralled out of control, Gupta's team began hunting for software solutions that could help them simplify their IT operations. ManageEngine ADManager Plus met all their requirement criteria, and Gupta's team installed the solution.


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ManageEngine ADManager Plus Gets it Just Right

Gupta's team experienced a significant improvement in the way they were able to respond to requests once they installed ADManager Plus—ManageEngine's unified Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365 management solution. When asked how the solution helped his team, Gupta said,

[ADManager Plus] has helped us improve our response time. Whenever there is a requirement for any report, we use [ADManager Plus] to extract it in a single click. It's simple, straightforward, and efficient to get the reports.

When asked what he liked most about using ADManager Plus, Gupta emphasized the usability of the solution, saying, "You don't have to be an expert in PowerShell scripting to get data."

Apart from ADManager Plus, Gupta's team also uses two other ManageEngine products: ADAudit Plus, an Active Directory auditing solution, and ADSelfService Plus, a secure end-user password management portal. When asked about the overall impact ManageEngine solutions have had on their IT management, Gupta cheerfully declared, "The three tools have increased our productivity and have reduced effort hours for our team by a huge margin."

About ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a web-based Windows AD management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians accomplish their day-to-day activities. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ADManager Plus handles a variety of complex tasks and generates an exhaustive list of AD reports, some of which are essential requirements to satisfy compliance audits. It also helps administrators manage and report on their Exchange Server, Office 365, and Google Workspace environments, in addition to AD, all from a single console.

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