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Enhancing Active Directory Efficiency: Essentia Health's Journey with ADManager Plus

About the organization:

Essentia Health is an integrated health system serving patients in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, Essentia Health combines the strengths and talents of more than 15,000 employees, including more than 2,200 physicians and advanced practitioners, who serve our patients and communities through the mission of being called to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.

Business challenges

  • Active Directory Cleanup: Essentia Health had numerous legacy items in their Active Directory, which consumed valuable resources and increased the complexity of the system.
  • Efficient Reporting: The hospital required a more efficient way to pull data from the Active Directory, which the previous method failed to provide.
  • Streamlined Onboarding: The manual onboarding of new users was cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to operational delays.
  • Expired Accounts Management: Managing stale and expired accounts efficiently to ensure system security and optimal performance.
  • Future Scalability: As the healthcare facility grew, the need for additional features like workflows became evident for future-proofing the system.







The Problem

At the heart of the challenge was the congested state of Essentia Health's Active Directory. With numerous legacy items lingering in the system, the overall efficiency of the directory was compromised. Jerrod Lindberg, the IT Admin at Essentia Health, expressed, "Our basic requirement was to clean up our active directory... because we have a lot of legacy items in there that need to be removed to free up some space."

Additionally, identifying stale and expired accounts became tedious, posing potential security risks. The traditional methods employed for pulling data were not only time-consuming but also lacked in precision. Essentia Health was also on the lookout for other capabilities such as advanced reporting and efficient workflows.

The outcome

Upon integrating ADManager Plus into their systems, Essentia Health observed remarkable improvements. The tool's capability to generate detailed reports played a crucial role in identifying stale accounts, allowing the IT team to cleanse the directory efficiently. Lindberg noted, "It shows us different reports... to see those different stale accounts, expired accounts that no longer are being used, and then we can review those and kind of purge them out of the system."

Moreover, the overall experience with ADManager Plus emerged as superior in comparison to their old methods. The streamlined onboarding process and the exceptional support stood out for Essentia Health. Lindberg praised the experience, saying, "My overall experience was really, really good and positive with the onboarding experience. I would say 10 out of 10."

Recommending ADManager Plus to other organizations, Lindberg highlighted its efficiency in Active Directory management and emphasized the timely responses, support meetings, and overall product utility.

About ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that simplifies identity management, ensures security, and improves compliance. With ADManager Plus, manage the user life cycle from provisioning to deprovisioning, run access certification campaigns, orchestrate identity management across enterprise applications, and protect data on your enterprise platforms with regular backups. Use over 200 reports to gain valuable insights into identities and their access rights. Improve the efficiency of your IGA operations with workflows, automations, and role-based access control policies. ADManager Plus' Android and iOS applications help with on-the-go AD and Azure AD management. For more information about ADManager Plus, visit

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