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Enhancing security compliance and AD management: Ilumed's success with ADManager Plus

About the Organization

Ilumed is a Medicare transformation company, helping patients achieve their best, healthiest life by driving lower cost.

Business challenges

  • Security compliance: Being in the healthcare industry and dealing with sensitive data, Ilumed faced the critical challenge of adhering to rigorous security compliance standards. Non-compliance could lead to reputational damage and potential legal consequences.
  • Active Directory (AD) changes: Tracking AD changes efficiently was essential for Ilumed to ensure security compliance and maintain data integrity. It needed a solution that could provide real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting of all changes to AD, Azure AD, and Windows Server.
  • Auditing and reporting: The company required effective, automated reports for audit purposes.
  • Streamlining user onboarding: Ilumed sought to streamline the user onboarding process, including account creation in both on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft 365. Its previous manual approach resulted in delays and increased the risk of errors.




Hospitals and Health Care



The Problem

Handling sensitive data for various clients, Ilumed was under constant pressure to meet stringent security compliance standards. Compliance requirements were constantly evolving, and failure to adhere to these regulations could expose both Ilumed and its clients to potential data breaches, legal repercussions, and reputational damage.

The lack of real-time visibility into Active Directory changes posed a critical issue. Ilumed's previous approach to Active Directory management provided limited real-time visibility into AD changes. This lack of visibility made it challenging to promptly detect and respond to security incidents or unauthorized changes, leaving Ilumed vulnerable to potential security breaches.

Ilumed's reliance on a manual process for Active Directory management added further complications. A small group of experts handled AD changes, leading to delays in user onboarding and hindering the organization's ability to scale efficiently. The manual process also increased the risk of human errors and inconsistencies in managing AD objects, potentially compromising the overall system's integrity.

Moreover, the rapid growth of Ilumed's client base demanded a more streamlined user onboarding process. With the existing manual approach, onboarding new users and granting access to various resources in both on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft 365 took more time than desired. An efficient solution was needed to automate and standardize this process.

The Solution

With the deployment of ADManager Plus, Ilumed experienced a transformative outcome. The comprehensive reports provided by ADManager Plus proved to be invaluable in strengthening security compliance. Jorge Rodriguez stated, "The reports are still new to us, but they seem very comprehensive."

ADManager Plus emerged as the go-to solution for AD management, surpassing Ilumed's expectations. The solution not only enabled real-time monitoring and reporting of AD changes but also empowered a broader group of individuals to manage user accounts effortlessly.

The exceptional support from the ADManager Plus team further enhanced Ilumed's experience. Rodriguez expressed, "I have had excellent support after several engagements."

As a result of ADManager Plus' effectiveness and the seamless onboarding experience, Ilumed rated the solution with an impressive overall rating of nine out of 10. The organization now has full confidence in ADManager Plus' capabilities to effectively address security compliance requirements.

Ilumed's journey with ADManager Plus showcases how a reliable IT security and compliance solution can empower organizations to enhance security, streamline processes, and achieve robust security compliance. By leveraging ADManager Plus, Ilumed successfully strengthened its security posture, enabling it to safeguard sensitive data and maintain compliance with ease. As businesses continue to face evolving security challenges, ADManager Plus remains a valuable asset in the quest for comprehensive security compliance and efficient Active Directory management.

About ADManager Plus

ADManager Plus is an identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that simplifies identity management, ensures security, and improves compliance. With ADManager Plus, manage the user life cycle from provisioning to deprovisioning, run access certification campaigns, orchestrate identity management across enterprise applications, and protect data on your enterprise platforms with regular backups. Use over 200 reports to gain valuable insights into identities and their access rights. Improve the efficiency of your IGA operations with workflows, automations, and role-based access control policies. ADManager Plus' Android and iOS applications help with on-the-go AD and Azure AD management. For more information about ADManager Plus, visit

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