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Digital disruption hasn't had as much of an impact on any industry as the financial industry. New and emerging technologies have led to the creation and proliferation of numerous financial services, rivalling traditional financial institutions. However, the financial institutions have also embraced technology to offer a better user experience to their customers. After all in the financial industry, a seamless user experience is the most fundamental thing for vendors to prioritize.

Digital user experience depends on several factors such as your network, application design, application code, server capacity, database queries, etc. Without a monitoring tool, getting visibility into these factors is a challenge. Problems with user experience are difficult to trace down to their source and therefore troubleshooting takes longer, leading to disruption in service delivery to your end users.

URL to code visibility with Applications Manager

Applications Manager provides detailed visibility into the performance of your critical banking applications and also monitors the end user experience of your internet banking application. This not only ensures that features and updates are tested before launch with real user simulations, but also minimizes the diagnosis time during performance problems by pinpointing the source of problem with root cause analysis.

 Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your servers, VMs, converged or container infrastructure for health and availability. Ensure their performance is optimal to support the critical applications running on them.

 Application Performance Monitoring

Measure the end user satisfaction levels with your business application. Capture transaction traces, isolate slow queries, monitor JVM performance and automate remedial actions. Supports applications built on Java, Dot Net, Ruby, PHP and node.js.

 Smart Alarm Management

Adaptive thresholds that adjust themselves to trigger alerts as per expected workload. Enables your support teams to jump into action before the first complaint call comes in. Dynamic baselining for anomaly detection and automated actions for notifications and troubleshooting.

 Performance Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Machine learning powered analytics to predict growth and utilization trends in the future. Disk and memory utilization reports for servers and VMs to make informed capacity planning decisions.

 Customizable Dashboards

Track all the important parameters in a single frame. Drag and drop widgets to alter the dashboard design. Create multiple dashboards with custom parameters for different branch offices. Your NOC team can publish and view dashboards in external screens.

 Digital Experience Monitoring

Simulate and record user journeys through your web application with synthetic transactions. Monitor critical transactions with screenshot and breakdown of page elements with load time split ups. Measure user experience across geographies.

Applications Manager helps financial institutions to

  • Improve customer experience
  • Measure performance of key transactions
  • Reduce mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Speed up time to market
  • Improve customer loyalty and earn their repeat business
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Reduce time spent identifying performance issues in pre-production

If you are looking for an APM solution for banks or any financial institutions, take a look at Applications Manager to see how it meets your requirements.

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