NetFlow Analyzer Features

Prioritize and analyse your network traffic by user,
device and applications in real-time

Network traffic analysis


Network traffic analysis (NTA)

Analyse the stability of network for any performance degradation, device capabilities, network speed, and analyse network traffic patterns.


Protocol and application monitoring

Monitor, map, and group of all enterprise specific applications as per the users' requirements.


VoIP monitoring

Monitor VoIP to maintain the quality of voice communications and ensure jitter, latency, and packet loss do not exceed threshold values.


Traffic Shaping

Prioritize and differentiate traffic for mission critical users and applications


NBAR monitoring

Use NBAR monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer to categorize applications using dynamic ports.

Acquire dynamic visibility to your
network's bandwidth usage anytime

Bandwidth management


Monitor Bandwidth Usage on Network

Monitor every network element to get an in-depth view of your devices, interfaces, applications, IPs and conversations.


Bandwidth Control

Incorporate a proactive bandwidth controller for user based traffic analysis of your ports an protocols.


Bandwidth alerts

Create and manage thresholds based on utilization, volume, and frequency with alert profiles and stay ahead of monitoring challenges with timely updates and reports.


Customizable Dashboard

Convert data to information with ease. Mine the most traffic details that matters to you the most with ease. View dashboards that monitor and displays metrics for interfaces IN and OUT.


Enterprise Bandwidth Monitoring

With expanding infrastructure, channelize your enterprise bandwidth usage without disrupting the business and troubleshoot issues faster.

Analyze flow data to provide visibility
on traffic flow and volume

Flow-based monitoring


J-Flow monitoring

Monitor your J-Flow device traffic and generate reports with NetFlow Analyzer.


sFlow Analyzer

Initiate real-time data collection and analysis in a single click.


IPFIX Monitoring

Monitor and analyze IPFIX data to gain better insights into your network traffic.


Netflow Monitoring

Manage and monitor the most widely-used flow standard with NetFlow Analyzer.

Generate and deliver customized reports
to meet your bandwidth needs

NetFlow Analyzer reports


Customizable bandwidth

With customizable reports, receive alerts about top devices, interfaces, interface groups and IP groups sorted by speed, volume, utilization and more criteria based on the user's requirements.


Capacity planning reports

Assess the future requirements of your network based on capacity planning reports.


Billing reports

Generate billing reports based on various criteria that can be distributed to customers when needed.


Bandwidth report

Analyze bandwidth usage based on conversation, user and utilization and gain access to granular details for better insight.


Troubleshoot reports

Generate reports on raw data for pre-defined time periods based on different criteria, enabling faster and more efficient troubleshooting of network incidents.

Unearth more of NetFlow Analyzer
with its striking integrations

Add-ons and plug-ins


Cisco IPSLA monitoring

Monitor critical factors affecting VoIP, video performance and ensure best-class service levels. Ensure seamless WAN connectivity through WAN RTT monitoring.


ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Manage all the configuration changes in real time on your network devices with the Network Change, Configuration and Compliance Management and save time by automating repetitive tasks.


ManageEngine Application Manager

Proactively monitor your business-critical APM services and applications, all from your network traffic analysis tool.


IP address management

Manage IP addresses and switch ports better with the ManageEngine OpUtils add-on.


Network packet sensor

Carry out server traffic monitoring and bandwidth consumption of applications, source IPs, destination IPs, conversations, etc.


Cloud traffic monitoring - AWS VPC

NetFlow Analyzer's integration with Amazon for virtual private cloud (VPC) monitoring enables you to collect and track all critical performance metrics in the form of logs. This provides a comprehensive view of AWS resources and VPCs in your network.

Boost security and proactively detect issues

Network security and forensics


Network forensics

This is a proactive method to monitor, identify issues, and detect malware attacks to keep up overall performance and bandwidth usage.


Network anomaly detection

With a network behaviour anomaly detection (NBAD) system, you can analyze conversations, diagnose network anomalies, and identify any attack or threat in your network with in-depth visibility.


Deep packet inspection

With the DPI Engine, you can monitor server traffic and conduct packet-level inspection to track application response time and network response time.


Network security reporting

Classify intrusions so you can efficiently tackle network security threats in real-time and take immediate corrective actions to contain any possible damage

Discover other features of NetFlow Analyzer


Failover - Hot Standby engine

Failover is an alternative monitoring method that ensures there's visibility into your network, and that it's monitored even when the primary monitoring setup goes down. With this feature, you can configure a secondary monitoring instance on a separate server.


CISCO CBQoS monitoring

Validate the effectiveness of your QoS policies using Cisco class-based quality of service (CBQoS) reports from NetFlow Analyzer. Prioritize your network traffic accordingly.


Site-to-site monitoring

View site-to-site traffic patterns in your network. Allocate your bandwidth appropriately.


Distributed monitoring

Monitor globally distributed networks from a single console with architecture that enables your network to scale up as your network grows.


WLC Monitoring

Monitor WLC controllers for bandwidth related statistics, and drill down further to view reports on WLAN controllers, SSIDs, access points (APs) and QoS