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Request Module

  • Request Creation
  • Request Handling
  • Request Customization
  • Request Configurations
  • Request Closure
  • Request Deletion

Admin Module

  • User
  • Technician Auto Assign
  • Technician Groups
  • Business Rules
  • Mail Server Settings
  • Notification Rules

Asset Module

  • Asset Scan
  • Software License Management
  • License Types
  • Others

Problem & Change Module

  • All my tickets...?
  • I have 10 incidents...?
  • When I submit a change...?
  • The status of all the...?
  • Can a change be...?

General Module

  • Why On-Demand?
  • How do I get started?
  • Is my data secure?
  • Once I sign up, is my personal...?
  • Can anyone view recorded...?

Licensing & Others

  • How do I apply the license...?
  • What takes up a license...?
  • I would like to delete...?
  • I have recently purchase...?
  • What are the languages...?

Contract Management Module

  • When do we go for a Parent...?
  • What happens to the associated...?
  • Can a reminder notification...?
  • What is the difference between...?
  • What happens when a Contract...?

Reports Module

  • One of our technicians has...?

Let's support faster, easier, and together

Let's support faster, easier, and together