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'On the move' AD User Password Reset

Mobile Active Directory Password Reset

Resetting Active Directory user passwords is certainly one of the most repetitive and annoying tasks for Active Directory administrators as it eats away into their quality and productive time. But reset password requests cannot and should not be kept waiting as it is the organization's productivity that might ultimately take a hit for every moment that users are not able to logon or access the resources required to perform their duties.

In these ultra-competitive days businesses can ill afford to not focus or attend to an issue that is directly proportional to their output. Keeping the reset password requests waiting because of not being in office, on a vacation, travelling or not having computer at hand is not an excuse when it is your organization's productivity that is at stake.

But rest easy, for just using your mobile phone or device you can now reset the passwords of your users. Armed with ADManager Plus Active Directory mobile app for Android smartphones and devices you can now perform a bouquet of critical user management actions anytime, anywhere even when you are on the move! Download this app for free from Google Play.

Get the free download of ADManager Plus trial version to try out all the features of this web-based Active Directory, MS Exchange management and reporting tool. This AD software offers bulk management capabilities and pre-packaged reports along with delegation, workflow and also a powerful AD automation module.

Using ADManager Plus mobile app you can also:

An IT Manager needs to see an overall picture of all Active Directory users and objects to take business and mission critical decisions. ADManager Plus provides IT Managers with an at-a-glance dashboard view of the reports on all users, groups, objects and more, to assist in making informed decisions.
The role of an IT Administrator is to manage all network resources, for which up-to-date information on all users, objects, groups along with knowledge of account status of users, is required. The administrator has to perform management tasks like user creation, password resets, unlock user accounts, delete users, enable or disable users, move user home folders and more. ADManager Plus helps IT Administrators in creating and modifying users and objects in "bulk", using a CSV file and Templates. It also provides the facility to generate reports on specific attributes on Active Directory and perform management functions from these Reports.
Help Desks techs are loaded with routine management tasks "delegated" to them by the administrator which involve password resets, account unlocks, user creation and other management functions. ADManager Plus provides the administrator with privileges to delegate specific roles to help desk technicians and restricted to one or more Organizational Units. Help Desk techicians can manage users that have been delegated to them from ADManager Plus web console easily even with little knowledge of command lines and scripts.
IT Auditors are more interested to know the compliance status of an organization, for which they require information on audit status of users. ADManager Plus supports the IT Auditors with reports which are useful in achieving Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance, pertaining to Active Directory management.