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What's new in OpManager v11.4?

UCS Monitoring

With the UCS Monitoring add-on, you can monitor all the Cisco UCSes and its components, in your data center. It leverages Cisco UCS XML API to monitor the UCS and instantly notifies you in-case of any fault via email & SMS. Apart from this, the UCS monitor also includes a 2D relationship map that helps you to visualize the relationship among the hosts, clusters, and VMs present in the UCS.

UCS Monitoring

Enhancements in network mapping

Network mapping functionality in OpManager has got some exciting enhancements such as

  • LLDP Support – Helps to enhance automatic network discovery in multivendor networks
  • Multiple Subnet Range support - Allows you to add multiple subnet ranges. This helps you to choose the desired network range and map them together
  • Some of the other network mapping features that are newly included in Fluidic webclient are :
    • SNMP V3 support
    • Option to change Layout
    • Export to visio
    • Multiple Parent support
    • Options to Edit, Update and Delete a network map
    • Support for L2 Switch as Seed device
  • Enhancements in network mapping
  • network mapping

SIEM Plug-in for OpManager (EventLog Analyzer)

The SIEM Plug-in allows you to manage terabytes of machine generated logs, monitor file integrity, conduct log forensics analysis, monitor privileged users, comply to different regulatory bodies and instantly generate variety of reports.

It also offers Real-time Event Correlation with over 70+ out-of-the-box correlation rules for proactive threat management and triggers alert notification via E-mail & SMS or Program execution. In-addition you can also set alerts based on specific type of compliance violation for HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, etc.

ELA Plug-in

OpStor Plug-in for OpManager

OpStor Plug-in helps you to monitor the storage devices like Storage Arrays, Fabric Switches, Tape Libraries, Tape Drives, Host servers and Host Bus Adapters cards from all leading vendors in the industry. It provides a unified view of storage environment along with effective reporting which in-turn increases visibility and reduces the time taken to detect any faults.

Storage Capacity forecasting helps you to predict the future storage needs by analyzing the usage & traffic utilization trends. Further, the OpStor Plug-in also provides topological map, real-time graphs & various reports on resource utilization, device availability and performance trends.

  • opstor
  • opstor component detailed information
  • opstor all alarms>
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