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Boys Town puts an end to password troubles using ADSelfService Plus

About Boys Town

Saving children, healing families: this was the idea Edward J. Flanagan, a Roman Catholic priest, had in mind when he started Boys Town on December 12, 1917. Over the last 100 years, Boys Town has been providing care for children and families across the country. They have 12 regional headquarters across the United States, including in California, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Iowa, New England, Nevada, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

The Challenge: Providing Self-Service Password Resets for Employees, Anywhere, at Any Time

Being a non-profit organization with a global workforce, Boys Town admins were startled to realize password-related help desk calls were affecting their overall productivity.

Due to the nature of their work, some Boys Town employees had to travel and others pitched in during non-business hours. When faced with a password-related issue, these employees often had to wait hours or even days before they received assistance from their IT team. For instance, if an employee was working remotely and wanted to reset their forgotten or expired password, the IT team wouldn't be able to help as they couldn't update the new password in the local cache of the employee's machine.


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Cory Chandler, member of the IT team at Boys Town, said that these challenges made them realize they needed to do something, and fast. In his words:

“The main challenge was that we wanted to eliminate support calls after office hours so employees can do their own password resets. And we also wanted the password reset capability to be available outside our corporate network, as we have users who work outside of the office.”

The Solution: ADSelfService Plus

The IT team of Boys Town began searching for a solution that would give their employees the ability to securely reset their forgotten passwords, as well as allow admins to monitor the self-service actions performed by their employees. They decided to choose ADSelfService Plus, a self-service password management solution for AD and enterprise applications, and put an end to their password worries. The primary factors that made them choose ADSelfService Plus were its vital password management features, competitive pricing, and quality support.

How ADSelfService Plus Helps: Self-Service Password Resets for Remote Users, Cached Credential Update, and Comprehensive Reports on User Activity

With ADSelfService Plus’ self-service password reset feature, Boys Town was able to allow their employees to securely reset forgotten passwords after verifying their identity through multi-factor authentication. Chandler says they also deployed the GINA/CP login agents in their client machines to make the self-service console of ADSelfService Plus accessible right from the logon screens of both Windows and Mac machines. In his words, “We are using the GINA option where they just click on the ‘Forgot my password’ link and self-service pops up, so they don't have to go to a website and they can go to machines in the environment and then reset. And that’s just been great.”

The cached credential update feature of ADSelfService Plus updates the local cache of remote employees after a password reset, helping them gain access to their machines even when they're not connected to their corporate network.

ADSelfService Plus also provides multiple audit reports on the self-service actions of Boys Town’s employees. These actions can be exported in different file formats and scheduled to be automatically generated and delivered to admins, managers, and others via email. This helped the IT team of Boys Town monitor employee activity for security purposes. Chandler says, “I mean, just looking at today’s report, we had 21 people reset their password and 13 are locked out from their accounts, and this helps us track their activities and save time.”

Chandler also heaped praise on the support team and the ease with which they deployed ADSelfService Plus: “The setup was fairly simple. When I had any issue, I've always been able to either call or get support and get it fixed right away. We've deployed it three years ago and, we've not had more than maybe an hour of outage time.”

Result: End of Password-Related Help Desk Calls

In a nutshell, adopting ADSelfService Plus has allowed Boys Town to completely eliminate help desk calls by empowering users to reset their passwords on their own. The IT team of Boys Town was able to generate reports on user activity and export them for security purposes. Moreover, ADSelfService Plus’ Android and iOS mobile apps as well as GINA/Credential Provider login agents facilitated self-service actions for their employees, anytime, anywhere.

About ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is an integrated Active Directory (AD) self-service password management and single sign-on (SSO) solution. This solution helps domain users perform self-service password reset, self-service account unlock, and self-update of personal details in AD. ADSelfService Plus provides AD-based SSO for over 100 enterprise applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, and G Suite and secures access to network resources by enabling two-factor authentication for Windows logons.

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