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Our IT leaders talk about ManageEngine's 20-year journey

Part 1

Rajesh Ganesan, President,
on technology and people

Since its inception in 2002, ManageEngine has evolved from a start-up to a global enterprise. The paths of this journey included ups and downs. What were the challenges we faced? How did we manage to retain our start-up mindset? In this episode, Rajesh Ganesan, president at ManageEngine, talks about ManageEngine's growth and transformation in the last twenty years.

Part 2

Sridhar Iyengar, Head of Europe,
on business and culture

The 2001 recession left ManageEngine (then known as AdventNet) and its leadership with uncertainty about the future. What led to the shift from network management to enterprise IT management? In this conversation with Sridhar Iyengar, head of operations, Europe, we dive deep into this crucial chapter in ManageEngine's history. We also discuss how to build a customer-centric environment, and how to become a future-ready organization.

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