IT transformation stories

Learn how we've evolved as an enterprise and how you can too.

Incident management handbook: How Zoho handles the spectrum of IT incidents

At ManageEngine, we have decades of experience in incident response and training as a global company. This handbook captures ManageEngine's learnings and the incident frameworks that we developed to handle every type of incident with process maps, checklists, and best practices.

ManageEngine's blueprint for endpoint management and a future-ready workforce

2020 was a rough year for businesses worldwide. In the wake of the pandemic, many of us reevaluated our priorities and work plans. Here, we take a look at ManageEngine's journey and how we made the most of our endpoint management system.

A CIO’s guide to rethinking compliance: How to transform your IT organization with better process controls in 2021

Take a refreshing look at compliance through the lens of process control. This book is a guide to polishing and rethinking your existing processes to get them to work more effectively for you.

How Zoho's IT turns every service request into a pleasant experience: The untold story of our employee experience.

This e-book brings to you a combination of processes, technologies, and methods that have helped create a service request framework that keeps our employees happy.

Business continuity and disaster recovery handbook: How Zoho Corp responds to disasters and does business as usual

This book is a documentation of Zoho Corp's evolution as an enterprise in business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). We uncover the events that helped shape our resilient BCDR blueprint. We'll also take a look at the COVID-19 case study that put our business continuity plan into action.

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