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How important identity and access management is for real estate.

Although the real estate industry, in general, is late to adopt digital transformation, data plays a vital role in its modern practices. The industry now operates with micro-level precision in price appreciation, infrastructure, compliance codes, returns and dividends, resident profiles, etc. These data points are leveraged by real estate firms to gain a competitive advantage in the market. They are also used to target specific areas for investment, track trends in the market, identify potential buyers and sellers, provide better management of the company’s properties, and help real estate operations stay organized.

The nature of the data is so sensitive that improper management could cause a catastrophic impact on the organization concerned. This is the primary reason why identity and access management (IAM) is necessary. It helps organizations keep track of all this data and ensure that only authorized people have access to it.

IAM challenges faced by real estate

Securing personally identifiable data

The real estate sector could appear to be an odd target for cyberattacks. However, businesses involved in the real estate industry possess important information that cybercriminals are interested in exploiting. This can include bank account information and other PII of the home purchasers and sellers, such as credit scores, social security numbers, and insurance information. Criminal hackers might use this data for identity theft and other nefarious purposes if they gain access to it. They can also perpetrate fraud by gaining access to credit and debit card details, addresses from the property management businesses' internet portals, and other sources.

ManageEngine AD360, an integrated IAM solution helps perform vital identity management tasks with a simple, easy-to-use interface. As a first line of defense, the endpoint MFA feature in AD360 helps secure the organization’s environment if a perpetrator tries to break in and enter the AD environment. Also, if there are multiple enterprise applications to be accessed, AD360’s SSO ensures security with one-click access.

Along with this, the Windows file server monitoring and auditing feature helps in the secure tracking of file servers for access, shares, and permissions. It provides a clear picture about who made changes and to which documents. Also, instant email alerts on file server activities keep IT admins informed so they can be proactive about unauthorized actions or access to critical files and folders.

Keeping up with compliance

Real estate deals are frequently complicated, time-consuming, and include a lot of paperwork. The major cause for the complication is the trust deficit between landlord and renter, owner and bank, or buyer and seller, and the potential conflict of interest between parties in a real estate transaction. Second, people are often concerned with their personal data. Additionally, due to the regulatory issues associated with processing of their clients' personal data, corporations are becoming more and more cautious. A data breach significantly affects the reputation of the organization.

Organizations are required to comply with industry specific compliance act like SOX, GDPR, GLBA and PCI-DSS. Publicly traded companies, financial institutions and other entities that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data require affiliated industry (Real Estate, here) to comply with the standards.

AD360 maps industrial mandated control methods for compliance requirements like access control, audit and accountability, maintenance, and more. Its compliance-specific, pre-configured reports provide a snapshot of all events that transpired in the AD environment. Reports like Recent User Logon Activity, Logon Failures, Administrative User Actions, Domain Policy Changes, User Management, Logon History, and Changes on Member Server help IT admins centrally govern their AD environment. The real-time change auditing feature helps with regulatory IT mandate compliance, and detecting insider threats. Also, instant email notifications keep IT admins informed of any service outages.

How AD360 can help

The PCI DSS's main purpose is to establish technical and operational standards for all businesses that receive, store, process, or transfer consumer credit card information. The goal is to provide an extra layer of protection to the transaction process while maintaining a secure environment. Becoming PCI DSS compliant is no small feat; admins often find it challenging to generate real-time compliance reports on critical elements of PCI DSS compliance such as monitoring logon attempts and file access.

Financial and banking organizations can meet PCI DSS compliance with AD360's real-time compliance reports on logon attempts, audit policy changes, domain policy changes, file access, file creation, file deletion, failed logon authentication, and many other categories.

How does AD360 help? Hear from our customers

  • "Allows users to solve their own password issues. It allows us to have our users be able to reset and change their passwords in a secure way, leaving IT resources to work on other issues."

    Rob Prager

  • "Few minutes job for taking any kind of audit reports. Different kinds of reports and customization of reports are available for all modules and the same can be saved in different formats."

    Faizhal K

About AD360

AD360 is an integrated identity and access management (IAM solution for managing user identities, governing access to resources, enforcing security, and ensuring compliance. From user provisioning, self-service password management, and Active Directory change monitoring to single sign-on (SSO for enterprise applications, AD360 helps you perform all your IAM tasks with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

AD360 provides all these functionalities for Windows Active Directory, Exchange Servers, and Microsoft 365. With AD360, you can just choose the modules you need and start addressing IAM challenges across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments from within a single console.

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