Worldwide Flight Services' help desk soars above password reset calls at JFK International Airport

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Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) is one of the world's leading ground handling organizations providing high-quality cargo, passenger, premium, ramp, baggage, and technical services to over 300 airports and airlines globally. Their network spans over 198 major airport locations in over 22 countries on five continents. As their business continues to grow, they remain deeply rooted to an important principle: it’s not the biggest company that succeeds, it’s the best.


Worldwide Flight Services (WFS)


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The challenge: Too many password-related help desk requests

Operating from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), one of the busiest airports in the United States, is no easy task. For WFS, offering technical support at JFK brings its own set of challenges. Like any group delivering IT services, it's important for WFS's IT team to work closely with their customers to understand their requirements better and ensure that they meet these customers' expectations.

One of WFS's biggest challenges was managing their help desk calls. After some analysis, they identified that the majority of these calls were due to password management problems. This large volume of help desk calls started taking its toll on the IT team's productivity, which is when WFS decided to start looking for a solution.

Choosing a password management solution

WFS decided to implement AD360's self-service password management module to eliminate password-related help desk calls. Some of the main draws for them were ease of installation, price, and support.

As far as deployment went, Gwen Schulze, WFS's IT infrastructure manager at JFK, said, "We had no problem setting it up. The deployment process was simple and cost-effective."

"We have 3,000 people working here. It definitely did reduce the volume of help desk calls, We love the product. It works very, very well.."

- Gwen Schulze, WFS's IT infrastructure manager at JFK

With AD360 in place, end users at WFS finally have an easy, reliable, and secure way to reset their passwords on their own.

The result: Self-sufficient end users

Right after deploying AD360, Schulze said that users became more self-sufficient, and there was very little help desk contact required for password management, which was a major change for WFS. "We have 3,000 people working here. It definitely did reduce the volume of help desk calls," said Schulze. She also rated the services provided by AD360's technical support team as "excellent."

With AD360 at work, WFS's IT team members can use the time they would have spent on password reset requests on more important tasks. From the business side of things, being able to quickly resolve their own password problems helped end-users at JFK be more productive, since they're no longer facing downtime while waiting for their password to be reset.

Schulze's final thoughts on AD360? "We love the product. It works very, very well." With a self-service password management tool in place, WFS is that much closer to achieving their dream of consistently being one of the world's best ground handling organizations.

Apart from using the end-user password management module of AD360, the administrators also use two other AD360 modules: The AD auditing module and the AD management management module. Using these modules, WFS's was able to manage their employees' user accounts easily by monitoring user activities in real-time and generate instant reports at the click of a button, enable self-service for passwords, all from a single panel.

About AD360

AD360 is an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution for managing user identities, governing access to resources, enforcing security, and ensuring compliance. From user provisioning, self-service password management, and Active Directory change monitoring, to single sign-on (SSO) for enterprise applications, AD360 helps you perform all your IAM tasks with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

AD360 provides all these functionalities for Windows Active Directory, Exchange Servers, and Office 365. With AD360, you can just choose the modules you need and start addressing IAM challenges across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments from within a single console.

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