TriMark deploys AD360 to tackle password problems

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TriMark, a food service company based in Massachusetts, was founded in 1981. It is now the United State’s largest provider of equipment, supplies, and design services to the food service industry and credits this meteoric rise to its company-wide motto: "We never let a customer down. No matter what." By consolidating many leading food service supply and design dealers, TriMark works from 14 locations in the United States to provide expert solutions to the complex demands of customers.




Food service



The business challenge: Too many password-related issues, too little time

TriMark has a wide customer base, including healthcare facilities, national restaurant chains, entertainment venues, and many other segments. As an organization that focuses primarily on working closely with customers, TriMark expects calls from customers at all hours, even on weekend mornings. With this level of customer interaction, TriMark's remote users need access to their accounts at all times so they can communicate with customers and send in vital reports. However, TriMark found that since their remote users were outside the corporate network, they were unable to reset their passwords when they expired; for these remote users, not having access to their accounts started to take its toll on their productivity.

A nation-wide organization like TriMark is also bound to have users with multiple accounts in multiple Active Directory (AD) domains for effective resource management. For security reasons—to prevent unauthorized access to resources, specifically—TriMark's administrators decided to not establish trust between AD domains. As a result, users belonging to multiple AD domains had to bear the brunt of managing different sets of passwords, which led to password fatigue.

The solution: A two-in-one solution to Active Directory password problems

TriMark wanted a solution that would not only allow their remote users to reset their expired passwords, but also address the issue of maintaining the same password over multiple AD domains. After analyzing possible options, they identified AD360's integrated self-service password management and single sign-on module as an appropriate answer to all their problems.

The AD360 advantage

With more and more of TriMark's users working remotely, their IT help desk was facing an increase in help desk calls due to password expiration. AD360 allowed TriMark's users to reset their passwords remotely, without assistance from the IT help desk. AD360 comes bundled with a built-in GINA/CP client which places a "Reset Password" button on the logon screen of users' machines. Users are now able to launch the self-service password reset wizard using this link and quickly reset their Active Directory passwords. “When our employees needed a password reset while they were outside the organization, AD360 helped us by allowing them to reset their passwords remotely. It was beneficial for us,” said Roger DeVivo, senior system administrator at TriMark.

"When our employees needed a password reset while they were outside the organization, AD360 helped us by allowing them to reset their passwords remotely. It was beneficial for us."

- Roger DeVivo, Senior System Administrator, TriMark.

Another issue TriMark faced was that some of its employees have accounts in multiple Active Directory domains. So when a user changed or reset their password in one domain, that change wasn't reflected in other domains. As a result, users were forced to remember multiple passwords, which caused more password-related issues.

AD360' Password Sync feature allowed TriMark to automatically sync all password changes between multiple Active Directory domains. This allows users to use a single password to access all their domain accounts and has helped reduce password fatigue. “We have users in multiple domains and using Ad360's password self-servicing tool has allowed our users to reset passwords from more than one domain,” said DeVivo.

Aside from AD360' features, DeVivo has been impressed by the quality of support: “The support team helped me pretty quickly every time I called in, and I’d say I’m happy with the support!”

In addition to the end-user password management module, Trimark used the AD management module of AD360 to take care of all their AD management and reporting needs. This helped Trimark to efficiently manage it's employee accounts and generate reports and put an end to their AD woes, once and for all.

The result: A productive organization equals satisfied customers

Adopting AD360 has allowed TriMark's users to maintain a single password over multiple AD domains and allowed remote users to reset their own passwords. As an obvious result, mundane support calls have been dramatically reduced, leading to a happy IT help desk and even happier users. With the AD management module, Trimark were able to efficiently manage it's employee accounts and generate over 150 complete and comprehensive pre-installed reports for its Active Directory infrastructure.

In short, AD360 has allowed TriMark to focus less on redundant password-related and AD management issues and more on what matters most: serving customers—no matter what.

About AD360

AD360 is an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution for managing user identities, governing access to resources, enforcing security, and ensuring compliance. From user provisioning, self-service password management, and Active Directory change monitoring, to single sign-on (SSO) for enterprise applications, AD360 helps you perform all your IAM tasks with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

AD360 provides all these functionalities for Windows Active Directory, Exchange Servers, and Office 365. With AD360, you can just choose the modules you need and start addressing IAM challenges across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments from within a single console.

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