AD360 facilitates PCI compliance for American Customer Care

About the organization

American Customer Care Inc., is a premier provider of high quality customer contact center services. Founded in 1986, the company currently operates ten customer contact centers with over 2000 employees, 1800 web-enabled workstations, and 2000 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ports located throughout Connecticut, Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Business Challenges

Handling sensitive personal information is critical for call center business; and American Customer care was well aware of this rule of thumb. With the growing demand to implement PCI Data Security Standards, American Customer Care decided to implement everything that would protect customer data. The requisites of the PCI Compliance project, included the following items with respect to the organization's Active Directory:

  • Granular reporting on Active Directory objects, especially the users.
  • Periodic monitoring of Active Directory User accounts.
  • Enforcement of account policies to maintain compliance.
  • Make Global changes without having to resort to vb scripting.
  • American Customer Care decided to employ a software that will help them achieve all the above requirements


American Customer Care, Inc.


Information Technology


Connecticut, US.

How AD360 addresses the challenge

The company's quest for the right AD Software, resulted in the scrutiny of AD360's AD management module. It was instrumental in providing the following, and hence assisted ACC immensely in not only safeguarding customer credit card data, but also executing a successful PCI compliance project.

  • A comprehensive reporting bundle with over a 100 reports on various AD objects.
  • The ability to identify/monitor user accounts in AD.
  • Facility to create Account policies and associate users to them.
  • Centralized, web based intuitive UI that eliminates the traditional scripting needs.

Moreover, all the Reports supporting the company's compliance with PCI standards, could be easily generated using AD360 and used during Audits.

"Restricting access to customer data is critical for our business. ADManager Plus helps us take control by defining account policies and periodic monitoring"

- Rich Hawley, Senior Network Engineer, American Customer Care, Inc

Besides this, since the company handles sensitive personal information, the company needed a robust insider threat detection solution that could help them to fend off potential security disasters. Dazzled by the impeccable performance of AD360's AD management module, AD360's auditing and reporting module became an obvious choice. To no surprise, the company was able to detect common breach scenarios like never before, that usually fly below the radar.


American Customer Care is anticipating a possible shift in AD Account Management with the deployment of ADManager Plus. By delegating the task of creating and deleting user login to the HR staff, would not only reduce the IT workload but also keep a check on the stale ex-employee accounts.

American Customer Care firmly believes that AD360 will help reduce the risks and also give their clients peace of mind in terms of data security. The company knows that meeting PCI standards is not only critical for successful call center business but is also the right way to do it. End of day, the success of a business is determined by trust that is earned from clients.

"With the reporting abilities of AD360, we are sure about our success in the PCI Compliance Project."

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