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Leverage analytics to track the 4 essential pillars of IT security

The anatomy of security threats reveals one shocking truth: All security threats are caused by one of four factors—uninformed people, unprotected assets, weak security controls, or outdated system configurations. Download this e-book to discover how analytics can help you spot and secure these cracks, and fortify your security stance.

Leverage analytics to track the 4 essential pillars of IT security
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6 help desk hacks to reduce your ticket volume

An ever-increasing pile of IT tickets can be intimidating for any service desk. Regardless of whether these tickets were created over time or were the result of a massive outage, our list of curated hacks can help you reduce your ticket volume.

6 help desk hacks to reduce your ticket volume
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Optimize usage and save on cloud infrastructure spending using ITOps analytics

Organizations move to the cloud in an attempt to save costs. But sometimes, they end up spending even more on their cloud infrastructure. Don't let this happen to you! Read our e-book to discover how to optimize cloud infrastructure usage, and stay within your cloud budget.

5 ways to create a chaos-free NOC

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Get a head start with out-of-the-box IT analytics

Save hours of your time and find the insights you need. Analytics Plus integrates seamlessly with several popular IT applications and offers prebuilt reports and dashboards to help you get started with analytics right away. Slice and dice data, drill down to view details, and customize these reports to create your own KPIs or metrics.

Make faster decisions using AI

Analytics Plus features a built-in AI-assistant that enables anyone in the organization from the CTO and network operations center (NOC) teams to help desk managers, front-line technicians, and support engineers to ask or type questions, and get instant responses in the form of rich visualizations.

Envision the future

Now you can confidently plan your IT budget or staffing requirements, and prepare for sudden changes in your business. Analytics Plus' powerful forecasting algorithm analyzes historical data to predict accurate forecasts for the future.

Be in the know, always

Staying abreast of changes in your data will no longer be a hassle. You can set up threshold-based alerts for important events and notify relevant stakeholders; for example, when SLA compliance dips below 95 percent or daily backlogs crosses 100. Alerts will be sent via email and in-app notifications.

Connect to any data source

Bring in data hosted in the cloud or on-premise databases. Import from web feeds, spreadsheets, and flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML etc., as well as from cloud drives such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Analytics Plus will auto-analyze your data to create impactful reports in seconds. No technical expertise required.

Blend data from multiple IT applications

Blend and merge data from multiple sources that you want to analyze together. For example, you can combine data from infrastructure monitoring applications and help desk applications to measure the true impact of network outages on various organizational units.

Securely share and collaborate in real time

Export, email, embed, and publish visualizations, and schedule reports or dashboards for bulk sharing. Use fine-grained access controls and maintain complete control over who can view or interact with your data.

You can also use Analytics Plus' in-line comments to tag other users and collaborate contextually in real time.

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