Connect and import with ease

Often data heterogeneity makes it challenging for users to get unified insight or visibility into their IT. Analytics Plus easily imports data, irrespective of data formats or sources, and prepares it for analysis.

Connect and import with ease
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Import from files and feeds

Data is often stored in different file formats like CSV, XLS, JSON HTML. Easily import data from these sources and start creating reports. Table data embedded in websites can be imported directly for analysis.

Import from databases

Import data stored in different cloud databases and local databases, for automatic analysis. Synchronize your data and periodically schedule importing, to sync the most recent data for dynamic reporting.

Import Data from Applications

Integrate with ManageEngine's ITSM and ITOM suite of products, and get a unified view of your IT environment. Link with third-party applications using web APIs or SQL connections.

Merge data from different sources

Often one would need to combine data from different tables and sources, to retrieve complete information for analysis. Perform cross-data analytics using a 'look up' model to merge different data sets.

Importing data and performing auto-analysis

Importing data and performing auto-analysis

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