Advanced analytics for service catalog management.

Use Analytics Plus' advanced analytical capabilities to dig deeper into the fine details of your service and product offerings. Frequently audit service catalog items, cart layout, and item quantities, and standardize your IT service catalog to ensure consistent and efficient service delivery.

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Analytics for ServiceDesk Plus' service catalog module

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Improve customer satisfaction.

Track users' request search patterns for non-standard requests; drill-down and look into the nature of such requests to decide whether you need to include those requests in your service catalog or take steps to minimize those requests.

Improve customer satisfaction

Get visibility into your overall IT costs.

Analyze past IT expenses to focus on service categories and departments that regularly incur high costs. Correlate this with the business value they deliver, and redesign service processes to minimize these costs.

Get visibility into your overall IT costs

Simplify IT management.

Gain visibility into incidents and preapproved service requests. Analyze trends, correlate patterns, and plan on where to allocate resources so both incidents and service requests are resolved swiftly.

Simplify IT management

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