Happiest Minds Automates IT Reporting with Analytics Plus

Sujith M R

Sujith M R,

Technical Manager for ITOM and ITSM,
Happiest Minds Technologies


ServiceDesk Plus, Applications Manager, OpManagers

Why Analytics Plus?

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Company Background

Happiest Minds, the Mindful IT Company, applies agile methodologies to enable digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights. The organization leverages a spectrum of disruptive technologies such as Big Data Analytics, AI & Cognitive Computing, Internet of Things, Cloud, Security, SDN-NFV, RPA, and Blockchain. Positioned as "Born Digital. Born Agile", the company's capabilities span across product engineering, digital business solutions, infrastructure management and security services. Happiest Minds delivers these services across industry sectors such as retail, consumer packaged goods, edutech, e-commerce, banking, insurance, hi-tech, engineering R&D, manufacturing, automotive and travel/transportation/hospitality. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Happiest Minds has operations in USA, the UK, The Netherlands, Australia and the Middle East.

"Using Analytics Plus, we're able to demonstrate the value an in-house IT department brings to the company."

-Sujith M R, Technical Manager for ITOM and ITSM, Happiest Minds Technologies

Business Requirement

Happiest Minds was looking at building a fully automated analytics program that was capable of delivering real-time reports and dashboards for the organization as well as its 30+ government and private enterprise clients. The objective was to integrate a vast number of IT applications and reduce complexity in importing data from each of those applications into a single console.

Sujith M R, Technical Manager for ITOM and ITSM at Happiest Minds, explained, "We use a whole suite of IT applications for help desk management, application and network monitoring, password and security management, Active Directory management and other services that we offer to our clients. So, we wanted an overarching view of how these applications were performing, what alerts were getting triggered from the applications, and how many of these alerts were resolved within their SLAs-all in a single console."

The Challenge of Analyzing Data from Multiple Applications

The team at Happiest Minds manually gathered data from multiple applications and also created reports and presentations, capturing high-level metrics such as incident response time, resolution time, and adherence to service-level agreements. However, this process was long, boring, and error-prone, and was in direct conflict with Happiest Minds' vision to fully automate report creation.

"Three to four people put in manual effort to execute the entire reporting process. Even though a few reports were scheduled from ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceDesk Plus MSP, they weren't customizable and offered only a granular view of things. Hence, we wanted a high-level business perspective of our applications," added Sujith M R.

The Move from a Long, Laborious, and Error-prone Manual Reporting Process

The transition from manual to automated reporting with Analytics Plus was quite easy for Happiest Minds. Analytics Plus' seamless out-of-the-box integrations, combined with its ability to import data from a suite of IT applications using APIs, enabled Happiest Minds to implement Analytics Plus with minimal downtime and effort.

"Furthermore, using Analytics Plus, Happiest Minds can connect to all required data from local files and feeds, or import from cloud databases such as Amazon RDS and Microsoft Azure. In just 20-25 days, the company was able to get the entire reporting solution in place. From defining reporting requirements to establishing solution approaches, Happiest Minds could set everything up quickly," said Ramesh.

Unifying Data from an Entire Suite of IT Applications using Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus facilitated data synchronization across a gamut of IT applications and unified this information under a single console for further analysis. Sujith M R illustrated this with an example: "Let's say Applications Manager, our application monitoring tool, sends out an alarm regarding one of our tools. This will be created as a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus. Using Analytics Plus, we can track the entire history of several such tickets-from ticket creation to ticket closure-in one place."

Compiling the complete history of alarms or problems in one place helped the company get a high-level view of its performance, allowing the team to plan and automate services for continued growth.

Happiest Minds Cheers for the Analytics Plus Support Team

When asked about the Analytics Plus support team, Sujith M R detailed, "We consider two things when buying any product: product functionality and back-end support. Analytics Plus wins in both departments. The Analytics Plus support team easily understands our requirements and helps us make the best use of the reporting solution."

About Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus is a business intelligence and IT analytics tool that enables organizations to visualize their IT data from several IT applications and monitoring tools. With the combined capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, Analytics Plus' AI assistant Zia responds to voice and text-based questions with rich visualizations that drastically reduce report building time and enable organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions. Additionally, Analytics Plus offers predictive analytical capabilities, contextual collaboration, and real-time data alerts based on threshold violations.

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