Learn how Toyota Boshoku America optimized IT ticketing with Analytics Plus

Brian Witsken

Brian Witsken,

IT specialist for Toyota Boshoku America


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Company Background

Toyota Boshoku, one of the world's premium interior systems suppliers and filter manufacturers, develops and produces interior, filtration, and powertrain components. With world headquarters in Kariya City, Japan, Toyota Boshoku Corporation owns Toyota Boshoku America, Inc. (TBA) based in Erlanger, Kentucky. TBA and its affiliates, employ over 11,000 team members in 18 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. TBA Group is a premier manufacturer of automotive interior systems, which include seat, door trim, headliner, substrate, and carpet in addition to air and oil filters for a variety of customers such as Toyota, BMW, and Subaru.

"Using Analytics Plus we are able to easily get to the bottom of what's happening in our IT departments. It helped us streamline our ticketing system, clean it up and make it more useful."

-Brian Witsken IT specialist for Toyota Boshoku America

Business Requirement

Typically at Toyota Boshoku America, incident tickets and service requests submitted by employees from different branch offices went into a queue, where they were then sorted through and assigned to support teams based on the team's technical expertise. It was important to assign tickets to the right technicians or groups so that they were resolved quickly and people didn't lose time waiting in the ticket queue.

In order to assign tickets, the IT team had to look at base-level data like ticket inflow, ticket assignment, and average resolution times, as well as critical data including ticket backlogs, technician workload, and overdue tickets to analyze the workflow and devise plans that would speed up future IT operations.

Toyota Boshoku America was already using ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus as a ticketing system to track their ticket queue. But they were on the lookout for an analytics solution that could help them strategically streamline their ticketing operations.

Brian Witsken, IT specialist for Toyota Boshoku America says, "We rely on ServiceDesk Plus to work through the tickets that are presented to us. But the analytics part was critical to see how we are doing with our in-house systems so we could ensure (internal) customer tickets are resolved swiftly."

Why Toyota Boshoku America Chose Analytics Plus

Toyota Boshoku America wanted an analytics solution that would help their IT teams tackle tickets efficiently and quickly. They evaluated a few business intelligence solutions such as Microsoft Power BI, but opted for Analytics Plus as it is customizable, easy-to-use, and works in perfect sync with ServiceDesk Plus. As Witsken puts it, "The reason why we chose Analytics Plus is because it integrates so well with the ServiceDesk Plus platform; that made it a clear choice for us."

After implementing Analytics Plus, Witsken was easily able to create daily, weekly, and monthly reports to see ticket statuses, and strategically plan to resolve tickets faster. Additionally, Analytics Plus helped him get an overarching picture of the entire IT environment not just at the Erlanger headquarters, but across branch offices and manufacturing plants.

"We could see what was happening at the floor-level; how many tickets come in every day, how many tickets are open beyond a certain time period, how many tickets were unassigned. It helped us come up with action plans to clean it up and make it more useful," Witsken adds.

Some of the benefits Toyota Boshoku America experienced included:

  • Gaining a complete picture of the ServiceDesk Plus ticketing system.

  • Streamlining ticketing operations, tracing existing ticket workflows, and devising better ticket assignment strategies.

  • Creating KPIs to periodically monitor service desk performance.

  • Sharing weekly and monthly reports with plant managers, and providing feedback.

As for the Analytics Plus support, Witsken says, "I have worked with the support team on different issues and they always kept me up to date. They are very responsive to questions, and the overall support is just great."

About Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus is a self-service ITSM tool that lets you visualize your system data in the form of colorful charts, reports, and dashboards. It offers out-of-the-box integrations with ServiceDesk Plus and other ManageEngine tools that help you get an in-depth look at your IT atmosphere. It features a simple drag-and-drop reporting interface that eliminates the need for a data analyst to help your helpdesk managers optimize operations and improve service delivery.

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