How to effectively correlate data to streamline IT operations

Solving IT problems using data correlation

From a business perspective, IT is a single entity made of several components or subdepartments, like networks, servers, bandwidth, network configurations, security, compliance, assets, and applications. The reality is that IT is a set of complex, disjointed, and fragmented tools and technologies that don't communicate well with one another. So, whenever there's an issue in one of its subdepartments, it creates a ripple effect in others. For instance, a network misconfiguration can lock people out of networks and applications, and halt day-to-day work.

Bringing visibility across subdepartments within IT can eliminate blindspots and help teams understand how events across subdepartments are inter-related, enabling them to quickly resolve problems.

In this e-book, you'll learn how to:

  • Enable visibility across IT subdepartments using analytics.

    Bring data from multiple IT apps into a single pane for analysis and reporting.

  • Leverage data correlation to establish logical relations in data.

    Track patterns to understand how solitary events create ripple events in other IT subdepartments.

  • Isolate problems from symptoms, and fast-track the resolution process.

    Perform AI-led root cause analysis to isolate problems and discover long-lasting solutions.

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