6 help desk practices that are damaging your customer experience

A reality check for your help desk initiatives

To streamline processes, help desks often introduce new initiatives that don't always deliver the intended results. Some examples include positioning chat bots as the first line of support for all types of requests, completely cutting off e-mail as a mode to open help desk tickets to promote use of the self-service portal, or triggering too many notifications to the user in an attempt to keep them updated.

Download our e-book to learn how analytics can help you assess help desk initiatives and provide clues to successfully implement and measure the success of new initiatives in your help desk.

Here are three things you'll learn from this e-book

  • Objectively analyze help desk initiatives

    Visualize whether new help desk initiatives successfully address existing problems or create new ones.

  • Implement new ideas and achieve desired results

    Learn how to strategically implement new solutions that align with business objectives.

  • Keep track of help desk success

    Monitor and measure help desk progress using service metrics, KPIs, and dashboards.

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