Everything you need to know about ITSM analytics: Industry Insight

Recently, ManageEngine Analytics Plus conducted a survey of 160 ServiceDesk Plus customers to understand what they want from an analytics solution when it comes to deriving insights from their service desk data. The survey focused on various aspects of ITSM analytics including ease of use, data accessibility, and the overall benefits of a BI tool.

Respondent profile
50% Managers
26.6% Technicians
23.4% CIOs
Self-service analytics wins over traditional reporting
use the live dashboard
create reports on their own
use pre-built reports
On-demand reporting is paramount
27.7 %
run reports every week
33.5 %
prefer ad hoc reports
23.7 %
generate reports on a monthly basis
Customization is key
Creating reports takes time
take 30 minutes to an hour
take 15 mins
Incident management needs more attention

want more customization for the incident management module

prefer asset management so they can plan for future license purchases

believe the change management module needs more information

Visually driven interface preferred
Top three reasons for reporting

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