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IT budget wastage

Unused assets can be IT's biggest cost drains, silently depleting funds that can instead be used to further vital initiatives. Identify the most unused software and their associated license fees, then rework purchase plans to reduce wastage.

Average cost of repairs by age tier

Are inefficient purchases draining your IT budget? Higher repair costs for older assets indicate natural wear and tear, however, similar expenses for newer assets point to underlying issues with the chosen vendor or manufacturer.

Variation in break-fix costs

This analysis helps IT admins determine the cost-efficiency of asset purchases. While a decreasing trend in break-fix costs denotes good ROI, consistently increasing costs indicates the organization can try alternate vendors that are less expensive.

Effort-intensive asset categories

Avoid application downtime, and the subsequent loss in productivity and revenue, by identifying asset categories that involve longer repair times. Simply increasing the frequency of preventive maintenance for these categories can overcome asset failure.

Mean time between failures

Track the time between asset failures to streamline maintenance strategies. Lower values point to the need for better preventive maintenance or asset procurement, while higher values indicate efficient maintenance practices.

Cost draining asset age tiers

Timely asset disposals go a long way in optimizing IT expenses. Understand asset repair costs across different age tiers to determine if your organization would benefit from commissioning earlier replacements.

Error-prone asset age tiers

Would your organization benefit from replacements or repairs? Track incident volume across older age tiers, and their corresponding costs from the previous analysis, to determine the most cost-effective way forward.

Cost of repairs

Are your assets at the end of their useful life? Increasing repair costs can be a good indicator. Understanding repair costs by their impact also allows managers to prioritize asset replacements and ensure assets that impede daily operations are addressed on priority.

Asset age and end-user satisfaction correlation

Are older assets truly impacting your end users? Should you commission replacements sooner, or hold off? Discover data-backed answers by visualizing satisfaction scores across different asset age tiers.

IT projects estimation accuracy

Understand and improve budget allocation accuracy to streamline IT project costs. Consistently underestimating expenses depletes the funds set aside for unforeseen, critical IT expenses, while continually overestimating costs indicates that project managers are requesting more funds than necessary.

Cost impact of delayed projects at $50/day

Understand the financial impact of project delays through this analysis. By assigning a dollar value to each day of delay, project managers can easily visualize the budget wastage accumulated due to project delays.

Effect of KB usage in incident resolution

Visualize the reduction in work hours when tailored solutions are utilized during incident resolutions, and promote a culture of knowledge sharing to reduce resolution times and costs.

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