On-demand Webinar

IT professionals' guide to enabling
organizational visibility

Learn how IT teams can facilitate cross-functional business visibility by providing access to the right data and analytics to gauge the effectiveness of business-wide processes and workflows.

"It's impossible to be a digital business without being a data-driven enterprise."

It's no secret that data-driven processes can help your business succeed. The question is, how can IT professionals, the ones who have set up the applications and services powering these processes, give access to data and insights to executives and decision makers? Modern businesses utilize an average of 129 apps, which creates major challenges for centralization and cross-function visibility of the required data.

Attend the webinar and learn how companies like KPMG, Airbus, and Toyota Boshoku are leveraging their multi-department business data to:

  • Eliminate complex compliance, monitoring and visibility issues.
  • Efficiently unify disparate and complex business data spread across departments and functions.
  • Provide decision makers with a comprehensive overview via cross-functional reports and dashboards.
  • Secure access to critical business data based on roles and permissions.
  • Evaluate and mitigate gaps and lags in processes and workflows.


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