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How to make the help desk your first line of cyberdefense

Spearhead cyber resilience with a security-conscious help desk


When it comes to detecting a cyberattack, machine data such as logs, metrics, and telemetry is all-important. Sifting through mountains of machine data and recognizing threats is one way to secure your organization. But prevention is better than cure, and sticking to the basics and following best practices is the best way to keep threats at bay. Since the help desk holds a record of everything that happens in your IT, connecting help desk operations and events with common gateways helps prevent loopholes from being exploited.

In this webinar, we'll explore how to design security-conscious help desk practices to ensure your organization builds resilience against cyberattacks. We'll discuss the benefits of:

  • Maintaining a robust and up-to-date CMDB to help correlate security events and enable faster root cause analysis.
  • Correlating network configuration changes with your change management practices.
  • Designing a security-first asset procurement process to ensure patch compliance.
  • Ensuring the creation and deactivation of user accounts is aligned with employee onboarding and offboarding processes.

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Analytics Plus has helped increase our service desk productivity and overall responsiveness. We are now able to respond to incidents and service requests faster, resolve more requests, and continuously improvise our processes."

David Whitfield, IT customer services manager, F4 IT Services