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How to measure the success rate of help desk initiatives

Substantiate and streamline the efficiency of help desk strategies.


Be it technological improvements or process-level changes, initiatives are routinely introduced into the help desk to improve operational efficiency. While some initiatives prove successful, others may fail. Breaking down the success rates of these help desk initiatives plays a crucial role in course correction and unearths avenues for target improvements.

During this webinar, we will explore a step-by-step process to evaluate the success rates for the following help desk initiatives:

  • Implementing chatbots to alleviate technician workload
  • Technological improvements in call queue management to reduce wait times
  • Transition to a pre-order mode of asset procurement to decrease employee wait times
  • Ticket routing automation aimed at improving efficiency
  • Staffing up L1 technicians to improve turnaround time

By understanding how to accurately gauge the success of these initiatives, organizations can make informed decisions and continually improve help desk operations.

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Analytics Plus has helped increase our service desk productivity and overall responsiveness. We are now able to respond to incidents and service requests faster, resolve more requests, and continuously improvise our processes."

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