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How analytics for change management process can
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The onset of rapid technological advancements, emerging business opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, and the anticipation of crisis situations steer IT organizations to embrace change rapidly. In the wake of such changes, it's imperative that organizations have a powerful change management and implementation policy, without which they stand to lose precious business hours, money, and above all, their reputation.

Analytics for change management can help organizations identify vulnerabilities in their change management plan, and offer insight to build capabilities and competencies to implement change effectively.

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  1. Objectively evaluate change management process at each stage, and identify areas for optimization
  2. Get a clear perspective on risks and threats involved in change implementation to reduce service outages
  3. Understand change implementation requirements and proactively schedule change to minimize down time

About the Speaker

Gunasekaran U

Technical Consultant, Analytics Plus

About Gunasekaran

Gunasekaran has worked with ManageEngine for over two years and is part of the technical support team. He is interested in helping customers build compelling data stories through visualizations.