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How to leverage analytics to secure your privileged accounts

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Securing your sensitive information systems starts with having a holistic view of all account activities in a single console. This helps you correlate patterns in user behavior and identify known vulnerabilities, so you can secure your networks, resources, and applications proactively.

With Analytics Plus, ManageEngine's IT analytics solution you can leverage all activity data and gain useful insights to secure all your privileged accounts.

Watch this webinar to learn how Analytics Plus can help you,

  1. Keep tabs on account activity
  2. Get an overview of account operations
  3. Spot anomalies in privileged user behavior
  4. Gather insights on password usage patterns
  5. Effectively manage critical resources and user accounts

About the speaker

Rakesh Jayaprakash

Product Manager, Analytics Plus

About Rakesh Jayaprakash

Rakesh Jayaprakash is a product manager involved in product design and building integrations with third party applications. Rakesh has worked with multiple ManageEngine products for over 9 years, helping customers implement products and processes.